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Raffle Prize for October 09

The raffle prize for October is pictured on my facebook photo gallery this time ,because this blog page won’t let me upload and image tonight for some reason.
Here is the link to the image on my facebook page (though I don’t know if everyone can see it, or if you have to be on facebook yourself)

He is a Male griffin with an attitude. I airbrushed him in Halloween colors: black, white and tan, like a Bernese Mountain dog.
He is a casting that was poured in a mold that was not perfectly level, so he leans to his left more than male griffins usually do. This only adds to Butler’s distinct personality.
(I tried to name him “Bernie”)
He has metallic blue spots on his wings, and orange and yellow jewels in his collar.
He really is a character!
If you would like to win Butler, and you have entered before, just email me your Windstone forum name with the words “October raffle ” in the subject line. ( please don’t enter by private message on the forum unless you can’t get an email to work.)
If you haven’t entered a raffle before,(or can’t remember) send me your forum name, along with your real name and address.
I’ll draw the winner on or around the end of October.
my email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
(He does NOT like to be called “Bernie”)

One thought on “Raffle Prize for October 09

  1. Butler is an extremely handsome fellow! Me boyohs think Butler’s “attitude” would fit right well in our family and might be able to help “curb” some of the baby griffies mischevious behavior! *SNORK!*


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