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Raffle prize for November 2015

This month we got a lovely Lap dragon painted in pinkish-peach and splashed with dark interference blue.
She was given her peach paint by Olimpia and her interference blue splashes by me.
This dragon was sitting on the “seconds” cart for years because she had a small chip in her eyelid. I repaired her, so she is now a perfectly fine dragon looking for a good home.
She is signed by both me and Olimpia.

If you would like a chance to win “Splash”:

*send me an email to reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
*include your forum name, real name and address-
*and *IMPORTANT* Put the words “November 2015 raffle” in the subject line- so I can find your entry in my hopelessly stuffed inbox!

deadline to enter is 6:00 pm PST on the last day of November, I will pick a winner then!

10 thoughts on “Raffle prize for November 2015

  1. Okay, you’ve done some pretties before, but I think Splash is my favorite.
    Love those color contrasts!

  2. so pretty! entered!

  3. Ooooo….I quite like her! The pink and blue together are awesome!

  4. She is stunning!

  5. She is so pretty! Love that blue!

  6. OMG I think i died for a min I’m in love with that color <3 <3

  7. I’ve entered! please let me know if my ISP never sent my email (it does it randomly.

  8. Wow she is Gorgeous!!

  9. Oh I’ve always loved the lap dragons, and this one is gorgeous!!! been crossing my fingers for two hours now… literally!

    Absolutely beautiful! <3

  10. I would love to see “Splash” as a new color theme!!!

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