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Raffle prize for November 2016

eclipse-the-novThis is  “Eclipse” the black Sun Dragon. He was the November 2016 raffle prize.

He is tastefully dressed in classic black with golden trim. He has gold plated pewter horns, golden-tan glass eyes and chomps on a optically clear dichroic glass globe.

If you are a Windstone forum member,  ( you can register in the upper right hand corner of this page!)   haven’t won a previous monthly raffle and would like  to enter for a prize ( it could be any Windstone piece), watch my blog here for the next raffle ! I will usually  post a picture of the prize near the end of the month, or it may be a mystery prize!

To enter a raffle: email me your forum name, real name and address with the words:
“(put the month here) 2017 raffle ” in the subject line.

Not a member? Join the  Windstone  forum ( register button in upper right corner) .

My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot)com

Dead line is 6:30PST  the last day of the month

I’ll pick a winner then!




3 thoughts on “Raffle prize for November 2016

  1. So gorgeous! Gold on black is always such a beautiful contrast!

  2. Who won, I missed the post?

  3. DragonAddict won Eclispe! I announce the winner of the monthly raffle in the “announcements” topic, but I really should announce the winner here too! Next time I will.

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