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New COA style!

A “COA” is the letter of authenticity that accompanies our special Ebay pieces, so you can show everyone they are original, and not repaints.

These are printed on letter-sized piece of paper, so they are big and and easily damaged. We have always wanted to re-design them to be neater and smaller. Pam has finally gotten around to solving this problem for us with this cool new, more compact design!
It will open like a card, with the piece’s mug shot and info on the inside, and there is room for a sketch on the inside top part.

The outside has the “Snerl” logo.

This is just a test print, it has a few typos.

7 thoughts on “New COA style!

  1. I like it!

  2. Oooohhhh I like it! It’s a very nice design and will display a bit better than the 8 1/2 x 11 pages.

  3. Very nice! Great work, Pam!

  4. These will fit with the smaller boxes better so they don’t have to be folded to fit in the box or mailed separately.

  5. Is there a reason the Snerl logo is backwards?

  6. [quote=SilverArrow]Is there a reason the Snerl logo is backwards?[/quote]
    I have no idea why that happened.

  7. I just got one of the new COAs. It is very nice (and Snerl is not backwards on this one).

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