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Looking for these items to add to my collection. Will buy directly.

***Sitting young oriental dragon in gold/yellow and white

**Fire Quartz male dragon March 2018 raffle prize

Mini bean Poads with a feather design in lighter colors

**Blue Ice male dragon, spectral dragon

Mountain Frost spectral dragon

Mother coiled dragon eBay test paints in lighter colors, metallic/pearl colors.
For examples…
Yes: seagrass, seaspray, labradorite, silver pearl, water sprite, pink pearl, jade silver, sky blue, etc
No: Anything with a lot of black, citrus, woodland, where r u, terracotta, etc

Blue ice, pale mint curled dragon

Paradise, winter female griffin

Violet flame mother coiled dragon with the crystal ball, not gold egg

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Posted: 10/16/2020 Expires: 11/15/2020