Looking for these items to add to my collection. Will buy directly.

Sitting young oriental dragon in gold/yellow and white

Fire Quartz male dragon March 2018 raffle prize

Blue Ice male dragon

Blue Ice spectral dragon

Paradise female griffin

Mother coiled dragon eBay test paints in lighter colors, metallic/pearl colors.
For examples…
Yes: seagrass, seaspray, silver pearl, water sprite, jade silver, etc
No: citrus, woodland, where r u, terracotta, twilight gemstone series. anything with a lot of black, etc

Emerald peacock mother coiled dragon with glass sphere, not metal egg

Young Poads from 2021 spring grab bag, especially with yellow color

Kickstarter mini-bean Poads in lighter colors with feathery design

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Posted: 09/21/2023 Expires: 10/21/2023