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Raffle prize for April 2017

I don’t know what it is yet, I haven’t had time to find something -but probably a female dragon , since I saw some  nice looking ones on the raffle cart… If you would like to enter for a chance to win a mystery Female ( mother ) dragon ,  send me an email with […]

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Hatching Pega-pocalypse

Well not quite an apocalypse, but oy, what a pain these have been. I was only able to finish a few of these, rather than the usual 100+ size batch. I  painted the rest of this hatching Pegasus batch in natural horse and earth tones. Those are much easier to deal with. I guess it […]

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March 2017 raffle prize sm pic cropped

Raffle prize for March 2017

This is a stately, deep blue and copper Emperor dragon. It is a nice blue, not too hard on the eyes, with copper and gold trim. He started life as an amethyst dragon, so there is a blush of purple here and there.  He has  orange eyes to match the copper , and orange Swarovski […]

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Feb 2017 black silvertree pegasus cropped

February 2017 raffle prize

Raffle prize for February 2017 This  Pegasus stallion has branching silver tree  silhouettes  over  a  coat of black, dusted with rainbow sparkle paint. He has two white socks on his hind feet and a white stripe on his face with a pink nose. He has pretty, deep silvery grey eyes. If you would like a […]

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January 2017 raffle prize Wild Plum O warrior

Raffle prize for January 2017

This dragon was won by “Phantomess” !  He was the raffle prize for  January.   A magnificent Old Warrior painted by Gina  in a color called “Lavender Rose” Like all of our Raffle pieces, Rosie is a “rescue”. These are Windstones that have tiny ( I mean TINY) defects, like pinholes, or in this case […]

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December 2016 raffle

Great song Etruscan!! HA HA HA! I wasn’t able to get a raffle prize together in time to post a picture for a December raffle, and I won’t be around to  pick a winner until after the first week of January sometime, but if you would like to enter for a MYSTERY PRIZE of some […]

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Raffle prize for November 2016

This is  “Eclipse” the black Sun Dragon. He was the November 2016 raffle prize. He is tastefully dressed in classic black with golden trim. He has gold plated pewter horns, golden-tan glass eyes and chomps on a optically clear dichroic glass globe. If you are a Windstone forum member,  ( you can register in the […]

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