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Lion and lamb

This pair is from my Mom’s estate. They are a little dusty.
You almost NEVER see one of these lambs (we only sold about 36 of them!), and I don’t think these two were ever photo’d together the way they were intended. See how his leg points to the lamb’s face? This is why the lion is in this position. To me, he looks kinda odd without the lamb.
These are original vintage pieces from the “old line” of animals we produced when Windstone was first started.

6 thoughts on “Lion and lamb

  1. What a lovely pair. Such a gentle expression of the old saying. Especially since they were your mom’s they just have to be keepers. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That lamb is really cute! Wish they could be reissued (grab bag fantasy lambs, anyone ?). I bet you would sell more than 36 of them. 🙂

  3. aww, they look so cute together!

  4. I have my Flion guarding my herd of baby Unis in a similar manner. <3 I love how he looks kind of like an exasperated sitter!

  5. They look so calm together. Fearless and gentle. What very special pieces they are. An a double meaning for you I am sure.

  6. They are quite lovely. I hope you revisit the idea and put them into production again, as is, or re-sculpting them so they are one piece.

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