Call of the Wild

Feared and respected, the wolf holds a singular position in the folklore of Europe and North America. No other animal symbolizes “wildness” as much as the wolf does. Windstone Editions produces several types of wolf sculptures as a tribute to this amazing creature.

A Fearsome Sentry

Our Small Winged Spirit Wolf exudes a calm, watchful demeanor. He’s the perfect guardian for your palace.

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Windstone Editions - Small Spirit Wolf
Windstone Editions - Pebble Wolves

A Handful of Wolf

Our Pebble Wolf is small and smooth, and at just 3.5 inches long, she fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Available in four colors.

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Wolves by Candlelight

The wolves in our Wolf Council Candle Lamp clearly have very important things to discuss. Meanwhile they’re providing you with beautiful candlelight.

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Windstone Editions - Wolf Council Candle Lamp