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June 2013 Raffle prize

I haven’t had time to finish and photo this month’s prize, but it will be a Gothic unicorn painted like an oryx or gemsbok. It will look sort’a like this pic.
If you would like to enter this raffle, email me your forum name , real name and address , with the words “June 2013 raffle” in the subject line – so I can find your entry in my hopelessly spammed email inbox.
My email is; reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com

I’ll choose a winner at the end of June!

3 thoughts on “June 2013 Raffle prize

  1. Adorable picture of him!

  2. I’ve loved the gothic unis since I started collecting windstones in high school. Just bought my first one this year.(12 yrs later :)) They’re even more beautiful in person than they are in pictures.

    You guys do amazing work. That drawing is awesome.

  3. cute!!!!

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