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July 2017 raffle prize

  • This is “Jupiter”, the raffle prize for July !
  •  He is an overo pinto  young unicorn, with a bald face and blue eyes. His horn and trim are silver colored.
  •  If you would like a chance to win Jupiter, and you haven’t won a previous monthly raffle prize, send me an email with the words “July 2017 raffle” in the subject line
  •  include your real name and up-to-date forum name
  • send email to reptangle @ gmail . com
  •  I’ll pick a winner at the end of the month!


3 thoughts on “July 2017 raffle prize

  1. Ms.Melody are you ok?Not like to miss a drawing.Hope all is well.BTW:Jupiter is the bomb!

  2. Hey! A Winner YAY!

    “Argh! Either I messed up when I posted the winner of the July raffle, or the forum is being weird, anyway, the post got lost somehow!

    The winner is Lildani1981!”

    Congrats to you Lildani1981 – he’s a Purty Pinto Uni-Pony!

  3. Thank you so much I can’t wait to meet him 🙂

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