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Hatching Pega-pocalypse

Well not quite an apocalypse, but oy, what a pain these have been. I was only able to finish a few of these, rather than the usual 100+ size batch. I  painted the rest of this hatching Pegasus batch in natural horse and earth tones. Those are much easier to deal with.

I guess it is hard to see the peg-egg problem in this photo, but there is an area that absorbed a lot of paint and turned dark; right above that there is a patch where the paint just beads up.


2 thoughts on “Hatching Pega-pocalypse

  1. Hi Melody !!
    I would LUV LUV LUV ANY of the pegs that u *think* are egg problems !!!
    If you look at real chicken eggs their eggs are never 100 percent ” perfect ”
    Some have a few speckles, some have lighter or darker areas on the outside of the eggs, some have beading or rough areas.
    To me personally it makes them look very realistic.
    Perhaps please could you try and think of these beautiful eggs from my perspective please ??
    Warm Hugs Of Encouragement !!!!

  2. How cute they all are. I so enjoy seeing your creations Ms.Melody. They do look like Easter.I doubt that anyone who is lucky enough to get one will fuss about egg imperfections.Good job!

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