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Group photo "Grab Bag"Young Unicorns sept. 2011

Click on the image and select “view image” to see the whole photo.
This is a group shot of 72 of the young unicorns from the September 2011 edition. We accidentally boxed about 70 before we remembered to photo them, so this is only about half of them. These unicorns all have some fantasy color, although it may be very subtle on some. They all will have a little metallic, pearl or interference paint on them.

2 thoughts on “Group photo "Grab Bag"Young Unicorns sept. 2011

  1. I am SO excited. This was my first grab bag: I can’t wait to see what I get!!

  2. They all look amazing, so much variation. Does anyone see the red/blue eyed Juggernaught hiding in this pic anywhere?

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