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Grab bag young Poads(tm)

Here is a random sampling of the young poads(tm) that I have painted in all sorts of patterns and colors as a “grab bag edition”.

When you order one of these, the color of your poad is a mystery until you open the box!

Many of these have patterns that I hand painted onto a tan background, but there are a few with other colors as a base, such as black, peach and light blue.They have a wide variety of eye colors.
All of this edition have been dusted with magic invisible paint, which really makes them sparkle under the right light, but I find it really hard to photograph!
The large image manages to show the rainbow glitter effect.
I am not sure when they will be in the store, but they are being finished now. I will try to get a class photo when they are all completed.

10 thoughts on “Grab bag young Poads(tm)

  1. I thought I would be able to resist these, since I don’t collect poads, but not after seeing them! They’re beautiful! I’ll definitely have to buy one or two.

  2. That black-bodied one with the blue eyes is beyond adorable!! 😀

  3. Those are too cute! Dunno if I’ll be able to afford to buy any, but it will be fun see what everybody else gets. The possibilities with Poad patterns and colors are endless 🙂

  4. Seeing new posts like this one just proves that no matter what, our addition will never cease!!! These little beauties are adorable!! 😀 (And it’s a fact: Everyone here deserves a cute little baby Poad to keep them company!)

  5. Wow! Those are awesome!!! I doubt I’ll be able to get one but WOW! You’ve been busy!!! 😀 Awesome!!!

  6. OMG XD I can’t wait to get one!!

  7. I hope, hope, hope I’m able to snag one of these darlings! But I’m on a budget ’cause of the surgery…

    twindragonsmum 😉

  8. We anticipate putting these Poads(tm) into the store Monday November 14th, hopefully early. We will try to get the announcement out with plenty of advance notice.

    These Grab Bag Young Poads(tm) are signed and have signed Poad(tm) cards. Melody painted all of them herself. There is just as much work involved in painting a Young Poad(tm) as there is in painting an Adult Poad(tm) which is why they will be $95.00 each. We will limit this batch to one per customer for the first day or so and then if they are not selling like hotcakes we will remove the quantity limit. I just want to limit them at first to make sure that we have enough to go around. It looks like we’ve got about 50 of them. If you really would like to order more than one, and would like me to hold your order for a day or so to see if there are enough for you to have more than one, please tell me so in the Customer Notes on the order and I will hold the order to see if we will be removing the limit.

  9. Monday Young Poad(tm) update: It won’t be early. but should be this afternoon! An announcement will go out with the time.

  10. Can’t wait! I’m making my husband crazy!!! I won’t let him use the computer yet! 🙂

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