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grab bag, natural colored Uni colt class pic 9 2013

This picture isn’t as cute as the one Pam took for the store, but I was afraid to stand these all up together in a crowd, they might go over like dominoes!
There are bigger pics on the Windstone Facebook page:

5 thoughts on “grab bag, natural colored Uni colt class pic 9 2013

  1. So cute! Thank you for posting a class picture; is there a larger version available? It’s hard to see what kinds of patterns they have at this size. Thanks very much!

  2. They’re adorable! I’d really like to see a larger sized photo as well, they’re super difficult to see on my screen and I really would love to see them a lil better! 🙂

  3. I can post enlarged details of this pic, that will help a little. I didn’t get any high resolution images of these though, just cell phone pics.

  4. I’ll post some enlarged details of this pic tomorrow. The revolution is still low, ’cause it was my cellphone, but it will be a little better.
    Ok, I give up. These pics simply refuse to upload on this blog, so I posted them on my facebook page:
    I’ll put them on the Windstone facebook page too.

  5. Thanks so much! Sorry the blog is being grumpy 🙂

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