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Grab bag fat cats 9-2014 edition CLASS PICTURE

These are really hard to photo, because they are small, shiny and glittery.. I added a pic of three “forest” fat cats that got left out of the other two photos.

4 thoughts on “Grab bag fat cats 9-2014 edition CLASS PICTURE

  1. WOW! They ALL look nice! I think I can pick out three that have scenes on them. Were there only three with the dragon scenes, or are there more and I’m just missing them? I think I’ll be happy with most any of them, they are ALL so Wonderful and detailed! And if they all have Sparkles – that’s a Bonus!

    Thanks Melody! 😀

  2. There were five with forest scenes..oohh I forgot to post the pic of the three I photo’d separately. I’ll do that.

  3. I love the ones with the scenes best, but I know the odds are against me when it comes to getting one.

  4. Wow, these are *really* pretty. You do such beautiful work, Melody. Really beautiful.

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