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      If the buyer wants to resell later, that’s their prerogative a la Bobby Brown.

      You didn’t get what you wanted? So what? I want a jacked up Ford F150 Raptor, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon either. You aren’t entitled to anything and the people that bought those pieces don’t owe anybody anything either.

      I suppose this might be a little harsh, but this is what crosses my mind every time I see someone post about the price of a piece they wanted that was out of their reach. Carry on.

      That is it in a nutshell.

      As one of those this thread is aimed at, am I “offended?” You better believe it! I am also offended on behalf of the person who “never opened the box.” You have no idea why she is selling or what could have happened between the time she paid and the time she decided to sell. Maybe nothing major happened; maybe she just changed her mind.

      Either way, it is her business and not yours. And my reasons are my business and not yours. Neither of us owes anyone an explanation. It is no one’s business what or why someone else buys or sells. You might be interested if you were bidding on the piece, but that does not give you the right to publicly question their reasons and hint at ulterior motives: “I have a reason but I am in denial about it.”


        I still don’t understand how it could be flipping since most of the time you can’t resell an ebay piece at much of a profit (if any at all). Most of the fast resells I’ve seen have been at or below the sell price (with possibly shipping factored in). Flipping implies buying something low and selling it at a much larger profit.

        Most of the resells asking for a much higher price than ebay don’t sell unless it’s a VERY coveted piece.

        Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love some of the ebay practices and quite often lose out on pieces I love because I’m not willing to damage my ability to pay the bills for a Windstone.

        BUT, I don’t think this is a bubble – in general ebay prices are much lower than they used to be a few years ago. You see a piece now and then go really high, but many of them are very affordable.

        I genuinely don’t understand what you’re concerned about. If the people trying to resell their items don’t find an audience to resell to, then they have to keep the piece. If they have to keep the piece, presumably, they won’t bid on the next one. It really seems like a self correcting problem. πŸ™‚


        As far as my two cents I have lost out on countless pieces to higher bidders, I have also won a lot of pieces for (what would be considered now to be ridiculous pricing) and I have also gotten a few great “deals” in my opinion.

        Example, I paid over $900 for my Silver Bengal Female Griffin, will I EVER get my investment back? Certainly not! However, I also won the very lovely Ocean Python Emperor Dragon for just a few dollars more then what a production one costs. Wil I ever sell that one? Probably not because I feel like I got SUCH a great deal on it ^_^ LOL! I’m not really one for reselling my ebay specials unless I have an emergency (or if it just wasn’t what I expected), but nowadays I’m running out of sheer “space” in my house as well. If I won something, I usually have to sell something else, or stick something in a box to rot in the attic which stinks. So there are LOTS of reasons someone may resell.

        Honestly, there is not much investment in ebay pieces unless it’s a VERY VERY sought after piece and quite honestly, if it is THAT sought after, how many times had Melody given us some sort of limited production run of something we were all crazy about? Personally I remember paying a lot of money for the ebay Red Panda Flap Cat and the 1st Leopard male Griffin, and now you can buy very similar ones in the store. Am I mad? Not really, that’s how ebay and auctions work. It’s all a chance thing and I don’t collect for the “value” of pieces, I just buy what I like and want to look at every day personally. *nods*

        The only “trend” I see as sort of annoying is the high resale of grab bags, but as on ebay, a piece is worth whatever somone is willing to pay for it. I have reaped the benefit from reselling grab bags before, but I have also paid out the nose for ones I really wanted to. *shrug* It’s not so much the selling at an inflated price that bothers me, but it is the act of doing so that bothers me only for the fact I would think it would dissuade Melody to continute making them if people only bought them to make a profit on. Why not just ebay them all then instead of putting them in the store and Windstone can make that money. It just stinks for the people who CAN’T afford to buy ebay pieces in the long run really. That’s just my opinion, and I don’t think it ends up being too fair to people with limited incomes. Again, just my opinion and no need to cause uproar.

        If someone won something on ebay though, it’s their right to do whatever with it they want. We don’t have a right to question why they did it and they don’t have an obligation to tell us. Maybe it’s an emergency, they saw something else they liked better and want to recoupe their money while the item is still “hot” on consumers minds, or they just changed their mind. Whatever the reason, ebay caters to the “highest bidder” You can’t blame the buyer for having more money to blow then you. I would love to get a brand new Escalade (like my neighbors who are suspiciously on welfare while showing off their new ride) but sometimes life’s not fair in that aspect and you gotta make the best of what you were delt. This goes with life, not just ebay and Windstones. Not meaning that to sound harsh, but you gotta just take a breath and accept you can’t win them all and you also certtainly can’t control any sort of sale trending with ebay products Windstones or otherwise.

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          I agree with Rusti.

          This sort of thread is not a new thing, and quite frankly once someone purchases an item, they’ve not signed a contract to “give it a home for X number of days before you can sell it”.

          Speculating and saying you’re upset because someone made a choice on what they wanted to do with something that they own is….well, what good do you expect to come of it? Make someone feel bad they sold the item you wanted, inspire guilt? Make other people grouch with you?

          Either way, this thread is heading nowhere good.


            Ok I’m finally adding something… One… It’s silly to think anyone make a profit on an eBay piece…. No one ever does except for a blue moon. Two… Really no ones business when or why anyone sells their belongings. Three… As a buyer of ebays and of second hand ebays I Love the fact that I might get a chance to own one I thought I never would……so I am happy people offer their pieces up!

            However, what really has burned my ass on two different times… The same person making fake accounts on eBay to bid up a piece… Then knowingly NOT buying it, just to make the second bidder pay the highest price. Just putting it out there that there are worse things to get mad about as far as eBay goes and who buys and sells what…


              Riversgrace – How can you tell when someone is crating eBay accounts just in order to push the prices up? We would be glad to watch for that if it is something that can be reported to eBay in order to stop it.


                Hey sugar pop! To figure out what really happened is a thing of ‘It’s not about what you know, It’s about what you can prove in court’ and sadly I can’t black and white prove anything. Hence why I didn’t blurt out a name, however it happened to me twice this summer. I did my own intel which took hours of going through old sales, tracking numbers, and codes. Finally talking to enough old members (ones that have been around a long time) I was able to confirm the person’s identity that I had already figured out. There was nothing anyone or any entity could do about it and I ended up getting both of the pieces I went after so hardcore for.

                This was just an example of how there are some things worse that people do on here other than buy and sell quickly.


                  People tend to bid on certain sculpts and bypass others; it does not take long to figure out what people are most interested in and likely to bid on. It does not take long to figure out another person’s bidding pattern either; people are pretty predictable.

                  It also does not take multiple accounts to bid someone up; one is enough. People have done that to me. I had already figured out that it was being done, but it was so obvious that other people pointed it out to me too. The options? If you want the piece badly enough, you have to take the hit. Or you can alter your bidding pattern now and then so the other person ends up with the piece they were trying to bankrupt you for.

                  In any event, Riversgrace is right; there is no way you can take it to eBay and prove it. But believe me, it happens more than you think.

                  Just to set the record straight though, not everyone has a nefarious reason for having more than one account.


                    Exactly Syn, there is no way to prove what happened. And it’s really here not there, that’s why I’ve never brought it up before. I know this person does it on their account as well as random ones, what reason they have for having more than one is none of my business. One I took the hit for, the other I rewon bidding again. It’s not a huge deal and I have never made it a personal thing and never will. Not my style πŸ™‚ All I was trying to say is there are worse things than someone choosing to do with their peice what they will. πŸ™‚ I’m gratefull that not every one hangs on to every price they buy. There are a few deep pockets that buy a lot, and never resell any of them…. That’s fine… But I am thankful for people who do allow some to go up for sale, so that some of us have a chance to have the pretties in our homes πŸ™‚


                      Anything I could add has already been said BUT…whenever I re-sell a piece, yes, I will ask more than I paid, because USUALLY when I’m selling, its because I need money quickly-either for another more coveted Windstone or for a bill. Its nothing personal if I dont get more than I paid. I will re-list with a lower price and see if it sells then. If I lose money on the sale, I chalk it up to a “rental fee”…buy a Windstone for $300, re-sell it for $250, consider the extra $50 a fee to own it as long as you did. AND, the $250 you get from the sale, well that’s $250 you didn’t have yesterday. :)If you’re buying solely to re-sell, then …well thats a different story.

                      Ive bought a particular piece for around $700 and re-sold it years later for $1,000. I’ve paid $260 and re sold for $200. You win some you lose some, it all comes out in the wash πŸ™‚


                        I’m one who doesn’t resell their ebay wins. But I can tell you which ones would sell for their original price or more, and the ones I took a “hit” on. I don’t care if I took a hit because I wanted to own them and I do, so I figure that’s the price for getting what I want.

                        If I had to sell, I’d probably start w/ the ones that would generate the most money. Some of those are actually production pieces, not ebay pieces. As for a winner selling their pieces unopened, I don’t think it matters. With the economy and the rate of new ebay pieces, I think it’s a a matter of “Aw man! If I’d known that was coming out I wouldn’t have bought X.”

                        Inflated ebay prices only hurt the winning bidder, not Windstone, and not the secondary market. If the winner is okay with the price they paid, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I know from experience that if the auction was shill bid and the “winner” backs out that Windstone is very fair with second chance offers.

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                          So, I know not all of you have been around since the start of time — er!! — I mean, the start of the forum, but this topic comes up now and then. Seems like at least once a year. This is NOT a new trend. Truthfully, it’s been happening less than it has in years past.

                          Here’s a few facts.

                          Windstones are luxury items.

                          Once someone owns a luxury item, short of breaking any applicable laws in relation to the item… they are welcome to sell it however, whenever, and for however much they want to.

                          Our motto has been “All’s Fair in Love and eBay” for a while now. We even have a RULE about not complaining about resales, here. We really do. Go check!

                          Windstone, the company, loves you guys and has been doing everything it can in the last 5 years to make special pieces more easily available to those people with smaller budgets (short of running itself entirely out of business). Hence, things like grab bags and lots of lower end special pieces and PYOs. You can currently get something within most budgets, and in the case of the PYOs you can even make it one of a kind if you are so inclined.

                          My opinion:

                          Envy, jealousy, and frustration are real emotions and you are allowed to feel them. However, I advise that you use the energy you get from them and flip it into something productive in your life instead of dwelling, especially when we are talking about luxury items. You’ll have a much happier existence if you do!

                          This has been debated to death. You can do a search if you are bored and want to read more. It just gets rehashed and beaten over and over. Let’s move on!

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