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    I’m so sorry. It’s a million times harder when your kids are sick than when you are. And it always makes me feel so helpless! *hugs*

    My boys have never had surgery, but we just got over one of the WORST illnesses I’ve had since they were born (over a week of 102+ fevers). Neither of them would eat/drink (though I forced liquids on them). It was horrible.

    In theory, your son’s doctor will have “on call” line (NOT a nurse line – you leave a message with a service and a doctor from the practice you usually go to calls you back.)

    Calling them and talking to a doctor who knows your son might help. They may be able to offer you more direction/assurance than a nurses line.

    I hope he is doing better soon!


    I’m so sorry! 🙁 I know anytime I’m not feeling well, especially if I have a really sore throat or toothache I don’t want to eat anything or do anything, just curl up and sleep, it sends me for a whirl! Maybe your son is feeling the same way? it all aches too much to want anything to do with anything 🙁
    … hopefully you have luck getting a hold of your doctor this weekend, most definitely call a doctor that knows your son on Monday at the least, maybe he can advise you some or have him come in and make sure there isn’t something else going on

    Kids bounce back pretty well though.. I know you feel horrible about fighting him to eat and drink but he will forgive you 100% when he is feeling all better! Sometimes being the responsible one isn’t any fun at all.. I’ve found that out with my bfs two kids!

    Let us know how he does <3 My best wishes and prayers are with you!


    He might not be reacting well to the pain meds. You could try reducing the dosage and see if it makes a difference. Don’t forget that pain meds can knock you right out, and all you want to do is sleep. Appetite can be nil, too.

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    Sweetie, take him to the ER, they can access him & figure out if there is a secondary cause behind his refusal to eat, & if anything they can at least get some fluids & possibly food into him. I know it isn’t what you want to do, but he needs to eat, & likely the pain from the removed tonsils is why he is refusing, but until he heals enough to be more interested in food, he is gonna need some nutrition in him one way or another. I am so sorry things aren’t working out as well as expected, but you will get through this, I promise.

    Lots of hugs to you & hour family, especially your little one. If you need to talk, you still have my number, yes? If not let me know, I’ll send it to you in IM.



    We gave up, and just took him top the ER. Just emotionally couldn’t take it anymore. He was a little constipated and a little dehydrated, but all things considered he was fine. No sign of infections, or anything. The Er doc just thinks he’s taking a long time to bouce back. We gave him iv fluids there, and she told us stop trying to force him to eat, just drink. That drinking is more important that eating at this point. I think we just had an unrelistic expectation in his recovery time. They said that the worse days wer 2-4, so we assumed after 4 days he was start to improve…he just hasn’t. There truly is nothing more physically and emotionally exhausting than your child being sick, and having to fight with him every inch to help him. Sigh…Thanks for all your support. I suppose we’ll get through this somehow. There’s no other choice, really.

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    Lots of hugs! I hope he starts to feel better soon.


    He’ll be fine, just stay calm, this will pass. You could try giving him some of those children’s smoothie drinks since he is willing to drink things too. That will help boost his nutritional intake while you weather this storm. I am surprised they took out his tonsils so young, as these days they really don’t advise it anymore, since they have come to realize how important it is to defend against infections. But if it was affecting his breathing that badly, I can see why they felt it might be the best course.

    If you need anything, just give me a hollar, even if it is just to vent your frustration at the whole situation. If it will make you feel better then I’m willing to listen. Anyway, in a few more days he will start to feel better, just try to stay together til then. *hugs*



    I had this surgery (tonsils/adenoids) done when I was 9, so I was considerably older than your son and able to understand the importance of recovery and eating, and I was still miserable! I am not trying to make you feel bad– I sure am glad to this day that I had it done. My tonsils were in such rough shape from years of bad infections that I could barely breathe and they made me ill constantly. If this was in his future, you are saving him a lot of suffering!

    Anyhow, the recovery from this was very hard for me even at an older age and understanding exactly what was happening. Even with my pain medication eating was very painful, and I wanted to sleep all the time. The pain medications, depending on what they are, can really effect different individuals in different ways. They made me hallucinate and I wanted to ‘go home’, which struck me hard when your son said the same thing! I had visions of being at a weird, twisted version of the hospital at night and constantly thought my pillow was going to crush me when I went to bed. They changed my pain meds after a while but I was in a lot more pain and I didn’t want to eat anything. I remember my parents being very frustrated with me, too. It’s really hard, but the good news is that they will heal and that it will get better! Hang in there, and know that your son’s reactions, while they may not be common, are not necessarily totally abnormal (it sounds a lot like my experience).

    I finally was able to start eating things after a week, which is longer than they say is normal. I really want to express that even a week afterward, swallowing things STILL HURT! It hurt badly! And I was on medication. I found that the things commonly suggested such as fruit smoothies were very hard on my throat as even the smallest amounts of acidic content (such as from strawberries, etc) burned badly. Ice creams left me with that phlegmy dairy feeling in my throat and also hurt. This went for milk shakes as well… Sugary things too, it all just burned and hurt so much. Popcicles had a combo of the slight fruit acid and sugar that hurt! In the end my big thing were plain mashed potatoes, mashed to be very smooth– they were neutral enough that it didn’t hurt nearly as much to eat them. I ate so many mashed potatoes for two weeks. My poor parents!

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    Thanks eveyone! You’re support is invaluable. And Jennifer, thank you! Hearing what it’s like from a “child’s” POV helps a lot. He is imporving a little since we took him off the heavy duty pain meds and onto to some milder ibuprofen. Not as loopy. No more asking to “go home.” More aware, and a little more like himself. He’s drinking well, and tried to eat a few times, although the foods he wants to eat still makes him cry if he eats more than a bite or two. hopefully will see more improvement over the next few days. We told him that we asked the Easter bunny to stop by when he is feeling better, so he will still have “easter” to look forward to.

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    That is great news, so glad to hear he is feeling better! *hugs*





    I am glad he is feeling better it sounds like it has been a long haul


    Had his post op appt today/ The surgeon says he’s doing great. His voice has changed a bit, but the Dr. says it’ll get back to normal after a while. He’ eating again and acting more like himself. So much better now…

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    Glad to hear the good news!


    Hurrah! I hope he recovers well and quickly!

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