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      It can be done, just not by adding rules to limit to a particular sculpt or two.

      Looking for...

      Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


        There were 15 last time. FB is showing more interest this time. Your idea of restricting sculpts does not make sense. There is no reason to limit sculpts to just one or two.

        I agree as long as everyone is clear that they need to provide 2 – 4 sculpt selections for their Swap Buddy to paint in case their first choice cannot be done due to low or no stock. Everyone participating should review what is currently in stock – for example, it does no good to ask for a Dragon to be painted when those are out of stock.

        Good Luck to all the participants!
        My workload has been increased at work, so I’m not going to be able to participate this time. Maybe in the Fall….

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          I don’t know how you plan your Swaps, however we will be restocking PYO’s of several sculptures sometime next week (around Feb 17, 2021). There are many people on the waitlists for each one though, and so when we restock, they may sell out quickly.

          PYO’s we should be restocking next week (and possibly not all on the same day) include the PYO Dragon (the smaller one), PYO Ki-Rin (with smooth scales), PYO Griffin, and some PYO Phoenix. Please press the “joint waitlist” button on the page of the item that you want to be emailed about when its restocked. This works best if you are logged in before pressing the button, and you may need to select eye and jewel color before pressing the button.

          We still have hens, roosters, kitsunis, sushi cats, Muses and some PYO Long Haired Flap Cats in stock. I hope this is helpful in making your plans!


            It can be done, just not by adding rules to limit to a particular sculpt or two.

            That isn’t what I was doing.I was just throwing out ideas.
            I won’t be joining this one after all anyway.Do not have the funds really.
            Y’all have fun!😊

            Every act matters.No matter how small💞
            (Wanted...Silver RHK..Stone Lap...Brimstone Lap)
            Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


              I’m in for a swap. The sculpt for me doesn’t matter, it’s the experience of getting a custom piece “grab bag” style that makes it fun!

              Looking for White Dragons! Grail includes the White Secret Keeper!

              Kevin Garrison

                Ok, sure count me in as well.


                  We are working hard on getting these restocked! But we can’t keep up. A grabbag swap might be fun!


                    I am in for a spring swap for sure but please post it on Facebook so that I don’t miss it.

                    Also some members might have blank PYOs already that can use. I know I usually keep extra ones around for myself to paint.



                      An information and sign-up thread for the Spring 2021 PYO Swap has been posted:

                      Spring 2021 PYO swap signup and showoff


                        I am interested as well. Found out about it on Facebook so please post important updates there if possible …I follow it more closely than the forums ^^

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