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    Update : currently finishing up a job for a local friend involving several pieces. Should be done by the end of this week.

    After that I have a White Lap with the horn busted out of the non show side to finish up. Then a Green Mother Dragon to refresh, and an ebay Emperor with multiple issues.

    After the fall I will be closing up until spring. I find it very difficult to do repairs in the cold months, especially once it snows. It’s just way too cold to work in my studio and my cats make things impossible at home. (they are quite naughty and need to mess with EVERYTHING I am doing at all times) Small repairs are doable, but major ones will have to be put in a wait list for spring time.

    Thank you everyone for your continued support. You’ve all certainly kept me busy and I am happy to be able to bring your pretties back to life <3

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone that I can't fix! - PM me for a quote



    Quick update.

    White Lap has gone back home to her mom. Waiting on Green Mother arrival and I haven’t tackled the Emperor yet. I have vacation coming up Christmas week so if it isn’t too too cold I may bang out those two and get the repair room cleared for reopening in Spring.

    If you have a Windstone that needs repair feel free to contact me here or email me directly. I’m happy to quote you, for larger repairs I will reopen in Spring. Small jobs, knicks, chips, etc I am still taking on a limited basis. Dismembered pieces can still be mailed, but they won’t be worked on until Spring do to temperature restrictions in my work space. Small repairs though I can do home on the couch, battling the kitties off of me as I work. Larger repairs just take up too much space in my living room and I can’t trust my felines to keep their paws off!

    Also a large White Wizard was donated to me a while ago. I fixed him up for the most part… kitties were chasing each other and when they ran across the coffee table down he went again. Thank God it didn’t belong to a customer! x.x

    So now he is in 3 large pieces yet again. Surprisingly none of my previous repairs broke though! So I will fix him (again) and plan to either raffle him to one lucky member or start a “pay it forward” raffle, depending on how things go. Not sure what I’m allowed or not allowed to do and I haven’t asked yet.

    I’ll pop in now in then. I get PM notifications so if you need me then PM me. I don’t follow up on the forum chat as much as I used to.
    Have a great Holiday Season everyone!

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone that I can't fix! - PM me for a quote

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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