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      hehehe! Good one Licorice. And welcome!


        Licorice wrote:

        It was dark inside the monument and the need to pee began to feel quite urgent. She spread her hands around her searching for a wall. Her hands touched smooth and clammy rock, she got the sense that she had been here before.
        She stumbled,”Darrock?”
        “Shut it.” Growled the monstrous bird man.
        Turn left if you want to pee.
        She turned left and stumbled over one of the fluffy beings, it let rip an indignant squeal and then started tearing around. The grating sound of stone against stone filled her ears and she was tumbling again. She heard the stone seal above her. Landing in a disheveled, and disoriented heap on the floor she was beginning to question her sanity but at least she seemed alone and at least she could pee in privacy.
        As long as you don’t mind me.

        And after she relieved herself darrok called her to him saying, “Look into the pool of water and you shall see your past” So as she began to gaze into the pool, she suddenly felt faint, as if she were falling into a deep sleep… Then a misty image began to imerge in her mind, she could see herself back in the endless forest as if she were the creature that felt so dark and haunting. Everything came back to her — The village where she met Darrok was her home… On a large island not far from the land of Morrowind.
        And the dark presence that was in the forest was the spirit of the evil Lord that put this curse on Darrok.

        And at that moment the image began to fade away — As if she was being ruptured into the clouds, and suddenly she regained consciousness and found herself in living form back in the monument with her lover. (And the white fluffy’s) 😀
        Although still not everything made sense to her, she felt a great comfort that her lover was still alive.

        Darrok then said to Katelyn, “Do you see now why I have been turned into this beast? We must seek out the Lord of Morrowind and break this curse so that the island of Àangrïn can be safe, and that I can be human again.”

        And the long and dangerous journey begins to the land of Morrowind to break the curse that was cast of Darrok.

        I’m not a writer at all and don’t really read books, so I just went with it. lol

      Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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