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      Megani chan could you post a picture of it it sounds great?


        Honestly, open wings aren’t a big deal to me. Large open wings are difficult to tie into a composition so as not to have them seem like distracting separate elements. With a sculpture with open wings, it is hard to avoid an Y or X shaped composition, which I don’t really like too much. I’ve always preferred sculpture compositions that are “tucked in” looking, or exploding in every direction, not one element going one way, one another, the way wings on a dragon would be, if you can picture what I mean. That is just my personal preference. However it would be heaven to not worry about breakage or undercuts. Or painting. http://www.dbgallery.com/EagleEyeStudio/product_pages/precious.php


          purplecat wrote:

          I’d like to see a dragon with open wings someday too, but I think perhaps the solution I’d like best is a open winged dragon cast in bronze. I think the glass eyes of different colors would be neat to play with. Dichroic eyes with a bronze finish dragon…sigh… Is is possible to color tint bronze? like to give blue accents, perhaps by painting or some other finish? I dunno..just thinking out loud.

          Yes exactly.Bronzes are cool. We have been trying to come up with good dichroic eyes for a long time, and would use them in a bronze dragon. Still haven’t gotten them the way I want them though.
          There is so much you could do with bronze… There is an artist who makes bronze dragons that really shoot fire out of their mouths! Hee hee.
          Bronze can be given all sorts of colors and finishes.


            How about a dragon with one wing open and one wing closed like putting your arm around someone??
            The Empress dragon could be showing LOVE to her babies


              I kinda prefer relaxed poses as well, the look more natural, and not so much like a freeze-frame. But…the idea of the bronze with dichroic eyes is enough to make my mouth water..lol. πŸ˜†


                Melody wrote:

                Megani-chan wrote:

                Don’t you think it would be really cool to have a large metal dragon sculpture (with open wings) in front of the new factory/Windstone museum someday? That would be so neat! There is a bronze dragon taller than me in my favorte park in Colorado, and the kids (well, everyone!) adore him πŸ™‚

                Is there a picture of him somewhere?

                I have one I took myself, but it was on a disposable camera! I’ll try to find one online…

                Here he is πŸ™‚ His name is “Cameron’s Dragon”–I believe a grandmother designed him in memory of her young grandson and donated him to the park.



                  The face reminds me of Puff the Magic Dragon. πŸ˜† I loved Puff as a kid. πŸ˜€

                  Looking for Blue Fawn Baby Kirin
                  Sanguine Oriental Test Paints, kinglet
                  Sun Dragon Koi #3


                    I know πŸ˜† He’s a cuddly dragon. I was picturing the one that might perch in front of the factory/museum as rather more… Windstone-y looking.


                      He is cool though…just friendly and not at all fierce. πŸ˜‰



                      These people make some sweet glass eyes!!!


                        😯 those are some AWESOME eyes! I love the slit pupiled reptile ones.

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