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    Most likely it will be agreed but its only a two year contract so in eighteen months this will all happen again. :/


    Just to add my best friend is a Canada post employee so totally on her side. 🙂


    Sorry its been so long since I posted here. The forum is harder to view on my phone now and its a bit of a pain lol !

    So its true an agreement was reached but we have yet to vote on it, to accept it or not. It may be a close vote as it seems half the ppl I talk to hate it and the other half said its fine. You can never make ‘everyone’ happy and some ppl will always complain.

    Me, I just want it all settled so things can get back to normal….until the next time around.

    On a positive note…. I got hired on FULL TIME! After 17 years of service….full time finally! I was so surprised, I never expected this really! Usually they are deleting positions when people retire etc…but so many have retired here lately I think they finally realized how short staffed they are. Me and a few others as well all finally got full time 🙂 The downside of this is Im stuck on backshift now as thats were I got slotted in for now. I never worked back shift before- 10pm till 6am….but Im used to being up really late (I used to work till midnight before this change)…. so Im getting used to it pretty quick. And hopefully someday I will get to bid back into the section I prefer.

    But for now Im happy !! Tired…but happy lol !! To celebrate Im trying to get myself a Windstone or 2…. ( been awhile since I bought any)….plus a few other treats 😉


    Yea Amstaff! 😀
    That’s GREAT to hear about being hired on Full Time! Great News for a change. 🙂

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    That is great! I am a night owl myself so I was thinking of maybe applying for a job like that. I hope everything works out so there aren’t threats of a disruption again. I stopped listing and selling things all summer thinking there might be a strike so it’s nice to be able to sell and trade things now without worrying.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Congrats, Amstaff! That’s great news and definitely merits a Windstone ‘splurge’!

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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