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    Painting PYOs is fun, and if things don’t go as planned initially remember that you can always repaint over it! No harm no foul!

    My favorite sculpt is the Kitsune, along with the unicorn, Sushi Cat and quite a few others actually, but I’d like to paint a Muse someday, all the different textures look like they’d be fun to work with

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    I love the muse! I know it’s supposed to be a practice piece, but it is one of my favorites. It’s not as intimidating as it may seem. It’s smaller, and if you get tired/frustrated of painting one texture (such as feathers), you can switch to a different area and come back to it later (you can’t quite do that if you’re painting the griffin. LOL). I had a muse tutorial somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the forum. 🙁

    Everything Nightcrow said is spot on… dark base for a darker PYO and a light base for lighter ones. I also use a dark base if I’m using interference paints. It makes the colors pop. Base coating always helps. If the brand of paint you use has very opaque colors, I don’t find it that big of a deal, but it does help block in the color layout. But some brands of paint have different levels of translucency/opaqueness depending on the color. It makes for some blotchy painting in the beginning, as the paint seeps into the sculpt at different rates. If you have one of these brands, it’s a good idea to base coat first to prevent that from happening.

    As for blending it is easier to blend colors that aren’t so contrasting. It is easier to blend blue and green together as opposed to white and black. Your paint can dry out before you get the colors nicely blended, so you may want to practice with colors that are closer on the color wheel first. For me blending white with any dark color can be a real pain. My paint always dries out before I can get a really nice gradient so I usually use what’s called a retarder. It keeps the paint from drying out too quickly.

    The best thing you can do is just start practicing. The more you paint, the more you’ll discover what works for you and what comes naturally. 🙂


    So I finally bit the bullet and ordered the kitty griffin to paint! I’m really nervous and I hope I don’t screw up so terribly. My mom bought him for me because she thinks it’ll be good stress relief for me LOL!! I’ve been having bad problems with depression lately and she thinks this will help so she got him for me which I thought was so sweet of her! I’ll post pictures of my progress! It’s going to be awhile because I have to decide on paint and a color scheme but I’ll definitely put my progress here. Thanks y’all for the encouragement and tips; it’s helped a ton!!


    Oh, how cool! And how nice of your mom. I love the kitty griffin sculpt, so I hope you post lots of pictures of your progress!

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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