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    That sea dragon would look good with a koi pattern, or how about the colors you used on my little Bugger dragon?

    That was another pattern I was considering >.<

    what do the little dragons look like?

    That was my first sculpture atempt in about 15 years lol. Still it turned out kinda cute. One day I may redo it a bit, or make her a sibling 😉 I never thought I was going to figure out how to get enough bubbles out of the cast to make them work! Hopefully the casts I made (that finally look nice!) should be dry enough to paint soon.

    That are soooo cute!

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    I am tickled pink you guys are liking these so far! HUGS

    I will have one unicorn and one small dragon painted and for sale sometime next week. The unicorn is a darkish dappled gray and the dragon is red fading into violet and blue along the spine. The dragon is around 3 inches long and tall. The unicorn is rougly twice the volume of plaster and 5 inches long by 4 tall. I will not be offering any of these unpainted (at least for now). When they are ready to go I will post pictures in the non windstones for sale bit and the first person who PM’s me will get it.

    The sea dragon is still getting his mold made, I ran out of the goop I use to make the hard casing part. And of course the art supply place took a week to get it shipped and it will take another week to get out here -_-

    For now they will be for sale just one at a time >.< I don't have a store or anything set up, since I just figured out how to make a usable cast. I have been teaching myself how to do this mold making and casting thing as I go, so be patient with me =)

    I will take requests on patterns or colors, but I can't give a concrete time frame for one being done. The casts take at least a week to be dry enough to paint. (I am using a gypsum based plaster for these btw.) I have one more unicorn and nestling dragon ready to be fancied up. If someone wants to see something specific by all means let me know! :bigsmile:


    LOVE That Dragon! The expression is adorable! ^_^



    Your sea dragon and dragon are amazing with those details! I would love a little unicorn if it was white with a colourful mane or maybe pink or light palomino coloured.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    Your sea dragon and dragon are amazing with those details! I would love a little unicorn if it was white with a colourful mane or maybe pink or light palomino coloured.

    Maybe when I paint this second unicorn I will do so then 😉

    And thanks DT! I try to put as much character into the faces as I can.



    First casts of the sea dragon are out of the mold XD I don’t know that I am going to carve on them some more (for now). If I ever get some light out here I will take some pictures and get you guys’ opinion. I do have a unicorn and nestling dragon cured and ready to ship, but I haven’t had decent light since I took the pic of my GB uni. I will get those photoed as soon as I can too. Just thought I would give a brief update for those wondering how things were going :bigsmile: HUGS



    Neat! Looking forward to seeing those sea dragons. 🙂 I hope your weather improves–I would appreciate it if it would stop snowing where I live!



    Wow! That Sea Dragon is AMAZING!

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    Thanks DF and Adaneth 😉 It’s still snowing where you are? bleh >.< I just have the seemingly never ending rain heh.

    No sun, but I snuck outside when the rain paused for a bit so I have a few pics of some stuff! These are very cloudy day type pictures, so the colors of the painted ones are a bit brighter in strong light.

    I need to finish cleaning this guy up yet, there are few spots along the seam that need sanding ect ect. So should I carve this some more now and have it be another month or so out before this is ready? Or think it looks pretty good as is?

     photo seadragonphase23_zpsdbd66b3d.jpg
     photo seadragonphase22_zps6e56ee75.jpg
     photo seadragonphase2_zpse49ae17f.jpg

    Painted dapple uni with pearly horn

     photo greydapple6_zps14fece51.jpg
     photo greydapple5_zps027f340b.jpg
     photo greydapple4_zpsa0548b3d.jpg
     photo greydapple2_zpsaf4a0916.jpg

    And a red/violet nestling dragon

     photo red-violet4_zps526c15dd.jpg
     photo red-violet5_zps9a99140c.jpg
     photo red-violet6_zps0d7e8ef1.jpg
     photo red-violet_zpsf973dccf.jpg



    I think the sea dragon looks fabulous as is!

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    I think the sea dragon looks fabulous as is!

    They all look fantastic but the sea dragon looks spectacular as is. What a beautiful job on each one. So much talent you have 🙂



    I LOVE the detail on the base of the unicorn! The mouse and mole are too cute!



    They all look wonderful! I love the sea dragon, and those dapples on the unicorn are great! 🙂 I’ve love to buy a sea dragon whenever they’re ready.

    (Yeah, spring refuses to come here. It’s crazy to have so much snow this late in April.)



    A painted seadragon! I think I will call this color “Kelpie” >.< This is under heavy cloudcover, so his colors are brighter than this. The rock is matte finished, and the dragon gloss. A peridot crystal and lime green eyes.

    The eyes/gem are just tacked on, if someone wants to buy him but doesn't like the color on those I can change them. I am really limited on eye/gem choices for right now however. I have 3 more waiting for paint, if there is a specific color someone wants just shoot me a PM. I don't bite, I promise!

     photo seadragonkelpie13_zpsaf8e35ad.jpg
     photo seadragonkelpie4_zps08f53cdd.jpg
     photo seadragonkelpie3_zps95b1f730.jpg
     photo seadragonkelpie_zpse27a8584.jpg


    Oh My God Misty this is gorgeous. I love the coloring and the soft elegant detailing that it has. What an incredibly beautiful and delicate sculpture this is.

    Stunning! 🙂

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