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    Hi my name is Rebecca, my sister past away back in February and she left me her collection of Windstone dragons, and no I am not here to sell, I am just here to get a little information and background. I finally just had the heart to open up one of them, very beautiful, and would just like some general information. I just want to learn more about the collection she loved so dearly. I will most likely create a display area in her memory. I have always seen her collection, just never really asked, as I always knew she “just loved dragons”, but these are pretty beautiful, and just curious on the history and background.

    Someday, I will probably open them all, it’s just hard, never expected to lose her so damn soon. What I will do with the collection, don’t know, hoping to display in her memory, but in all honesty, this is something I know nothing about.

    Appreciate anyone’s feedback, as time goes by, I may post some pictures if anyone interested and can tell me more about the piece, that would be pretty awesome, but please, I am not interested in selling, especially at this time, just have no idea what I am going to do… Just trying to learn more about what she loved and held dear to her heart…


    So sorry for your loss, I hope the dragons she loved will bring you comfort and help you feel close to her.

    There’s information on this site about Windstone Editions, their talented artist Melody Pena, and the various sculpts and color schemes. There’s even information about cleaning and displaying them. The Store has archived information and photos of many more recent releases. If you would like more specifics, photos and/or descriptions of the pieces would help.

    Welcome here. If you have any questions or problems, there are many here who would be willing to help. You mentioned NOT selling, if anyone pesters you just let a moderator know. It’s against the rules.


    Sorry for your loss – I hope you come to love your sister’s dragons and can display them as a loving memory of her.

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    So sorry for your loss!


    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I finally got them all unpacked, I really need to find a better way to display, as I didn’t realize she had so many. They are very beautiful. I was surprised to see Wizard or Merlin. Sadly she didn’t mark the names of each one, but there are some pretty ones. They are very beautifully painted, and all unique.. thank you..

    Add some photos below, not the greatest, but again, need to find a better place to display. Curious about the middle piece on top shelf, but they are pretty awesome!


    You have a very nice group!

    First photo (left – right), sculpture and color:
    Mother dragon – Old Green
    Lap dragon (lying down) – Ruby
    Fledgling dragon – Ruby
    Hatching Kinglet dragon (peeking out of his egg) – Peacock
    Hatching Empress dragon – Peacock
    little hatching dragon in front is a Hatching Dragon, version 1 – Peacock
    the big dragon in the back is an Emperor dragon – Peacock
    curled dragons with globes in front are Curled dragons – Lavender Pearl and Blue Pearl (I think, though it could be Glacier)
    Young dragon – Ruby
    dragon with gold egg next to the Hatching Empress is a Coiled Mother dragon – Peacock
    Young dragon – Black Gold
    Young dragon – White
    Lap dragon in the back corner – Pastel Rainbow


    Wow, this is great information, I was just going through the site trying to identify them. Very interesting indeed. The Fledgling dragon (Ruby), is pretty need, as it is gold on the other side. Ruby was my dog’s name too, we just lost her in May, so that pretty cook I have some ruby colors as well. Apparently my sister was partial to the peacock, and I can’t blame her.

    I was just looking on how to clean, and what I have been doing, a little Dawn soap, and air dry. Only one has a chip, and the Hatching Express, which perhaps will try to get fixed someday, but the rest are just a bit dusty..

    Thank you so much for this information, lol, I am just trying to think of a better way to display.

    Again THANK YOU!


    Third photo (left – right), sculpture and color:
    Old Warrior dragon – Peacock
    Spectral dragon (in the back with globes for eyes) – Peacock
    Young dragon – Peacock
    Lap dragon – Peacock
    Large Wizard (behind the Lap dragon) – Peacock
    Coiled Male dragon (with the globe) – Peacock
    Male dragon – Peacock
    in the back corner is a Scratching dragon – Peacock
    little dragon in front of the Peacock Male dragon is a Minikeeper dragon – Prismatic Spring


    P.S. You are welcome. 🙂


    So sorry for you loss.
    You have a beautiful collection connected to beautiful memories.

    Every act matters,no matter how small.
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...


    “ The Fledgling dragon (Ruby), is pretty need, as it is gold on the other side. “

    It may have faded, I had a scratching dragon in ruby that I rescued from a store that had it on display in the sun. It had lighted to a very interesting cinnamon toasty color.


    I’m sorry for your loss.

    No soap and water for the Rubies. The colour is very unstable. Also, generally, keep the out of direct sunlight – rubies in particular.

    Enjoy your sister’s collection. It’s lovely and clearly cared for.


    Life is beautiful.


    She didn’t have displayed near the sun, it actually looks as if that’s the way it is meant to be, it is a beautiful transition of color, with detail on the gold side. Says it is Pena 1997, I wonder if that was something different for that particular date. As all of her other collections are in mint condition. If it did fade, it pretty unique how it did, would change a thing.. 🙂

    I will get a good picture of it later this week, just out of curiosity.


    Thank for you for the heads-up on the soap on the Rubies. Gosh, it’s so odd talking about “Ruby”, when that was name of my beloved dog, we just lost her in May due to cancer. Yes, it has been a rough go for a while.

    I think it’s interesting that most of my sister’s collections don’t include the Rubies, but she did leave me two Rubies.. 🙂

    Life is unique, and gives you those little subtle nods every once in awhile, which I tend to take with gratitude.

    Thank you again, enjoy learning about this collection.


    Upon further inspection, you are most likely correct, it is most likely faded on the one-side. I noted on another one of her Ruby’s, very slight discoloration. The funny thing about my sister, she lived in Central Florida, which gets really hot, but she refused to run her Air Conditioner. She was a penny pincher, but she would splurge on what she loved. I only bring this up, as I wonder if the perhaps the humidity and heat could impacted the Ruby color. I still love them for what they are, makes them even a little bit more special and unique in my eyes.

    Thank you for for you insight and information, it means a lot. Something else to direct my mind, something, special, and not sad, when it comes to the untimely passing of my sister..

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