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    I can just imagine an invisible finger booping his snoot, haha!

    Ann Marie

    I adore the male qi-lin! The female flion would be fun too. My flion is lonely . . .



    That male Qi lin is spectacular!!!! Love ❤ the face.


    Snerl is looking really good! I absolutely love him, and look forward to his entry in the PYO line eventually! (Still want him on an embroidered patch someday, too… squeak squeak.) 🙂

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    From the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page – another comparison between clay original and finished sculpt.
    Melody says, “The original clay Young Unicorn and the finished one. The original was sculpted in some kind of air-dry clay. It has a nice rough gargoylie look.”



    Perhaps I should have called this thread “Melody’s Miscellany”!
    Two more photos that Melody posted on the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page.
    Melody says, “I found this tiny castle I did a long time ago. We never produced it.”


    I don’t THINK there is a clay sculpture lurking in this photo …

    Melody says, “Since clutter pics are interesting, this is a part of my studio room.
    I hoard all the unsalable rejects, and the obsolete paint samples get stashed here too. One reason I have collected these together is so that people who visit (before covid made us hermits) could feel free to handle these without worrying about breaking them. These old paint samples are already dinged up!”


    From the comments – “Wow! How fun! Love the carousel horses peeking thru!”
    Melody’s reply – “We still haven’t found the poles for them since we moved here! So they are galloping around on the rug.”


    That tiny castle is super nice. I really like the uneven-ness of it.


    Nice, thanks etruscan.



    An old photo of Melody and her husband (and a number of other things) that Melody posted on the Windstone Editions Instagram page:

    Melody says, “Throwback Thursday with more clutter. This is John Alberti and me, Melody Pena, with Woody on the left and Schpucker on the right. I am holding Berd, John is holding Whistlejacket. Rufus is sitting on the cow skull.This pic was taken in 1989.”



    This begs the question: why are the llamas in the studio?
    (Or what seems to be a studio)

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    Did you know that Windstone painted some “Black and Tan” dragons back in the day? I didn’t!
    From the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page. Melody says, “Throwback Thursday. These are the only original Black and tan dragons I saved from the old days when the only other colors we sold were Peacock, green and brown dragons.
    We also test painted a few jet black ones and some ” Wedding Cake” colored ones, which were the first attempt at white dragons.
    I can’t remember when we started putting things on Ebay, but I remember the retail gift shops didn’t want these! Stores wanted colorful stuff, so we hardly sold any of these.
    I have never seen any black and tan dragons pop up on eBay so there must not be very many ( or any?) in the wild!”


    From the comments – “These are beautiful! I didn’t even know these were a colour family from back in the day….I guess they weren’t 80’s or 90’s themed enough for the stores? 😆 I think they’d certainly do well nowadays!”

    Melody’s reply – “Well the Spectral here was made in 2002, so around then.”

    From the comments – “Any chance you may bring them back?”

    Melody’s reply – “Well, since they aren’t retired, because we never really produced them, it is possible! Though I’d change the eye color or something to differentiate them from any originals that might be roaming free out in the world.”


    I would totally buy those

    Looking for Blue Fawn Baby Kirin
    Sanguine Oriental Test Paints, kinglet
    Sun Dragon Koi #3
    Hatching Velociraptor
    Standing stegosaurus


    Another oldie – the Potter cat sculpt.

    On deviantArt Melody says, “This is a casting of a rough clay sculpture I did of our old cat, Potter. This sculpture was intended to be an outdoor cement piece but was never produced. This one is cast in gypsum and airbrushed with acrylic paint.
    Potter was about twenty years old when he posed for this nearly life-sized sculpture. He had a kinked tail and almost always lay down with his front paw turned up like that.
    He is about 14 inches long.”


    On the Forum Melody says that there was a companion “Butterfly cat” but I don’t find a photo of that one.

    Melody did post a photo of the real Potter and Butterfly on DeviantArt. She says, “Here is a pic of the real Potter cat, with his buddy, Butterfly, and a crumbling cement casting of the ‘Potter cat’ sculpture.
    Potter really posed like that.
    The sculpture casting pictured here was cast in a type of cement that didn’t hold up in the rain.”


    Melody posted this on the Forum (December 10, 2008) in answer to a question about an Orange test paint Potter cat on ebay – “We have a few more castings of Potter cats, so I may paint another one, but since these cats have been sitting around for quite awhile, I don’t know if we have any others that are still good enough to paint.
    I also don’t know if we will ever make more! The best I can do is say maybe!
    We may have a ‘Butterfly’ cat or two, also. They are the same size as the Potter cat and were cast at the same time. They were sculpted with my cat, Butterfly, as a model. He was a much less cooperative model than Potter, but looked more like a typical cute cat. (Potter had that long, odd-shaped face, just like the sculpture) I was thinking that these two sculptures might be useful to use in the future as part of a ‘Cat Memorial’ line of sculptures.”

    Also on the Forum Melody says that the Potter cats that were produced did NOT sell!
    From January 1, 2007 – “The Potter cat is an almost life sized cat that I sculpted in around 1993,(old!) using my cat ‘Potter’ as a model. He was intended to be an outside garden cat, made of cement. We didn’t have the cement pouring process worked out when I did this sculpt, so we tried to sell them in plaster as indoor pieces… and they were a TOTAL FLOP. I do make spectacular duds. I don’t think we sold a single one from a store! Even the cat stores couldn’t move them.
    I saw one pair of these ‘yard’ cats (the Potter cat, with his companion the ‘Butterfly’ cat) on Ebay once. I was suprized that they sold for a reasonable price! I don’t remember who got them though. Them is rare kitties.”

    According to Melody (posted on July 15, 2007), “The best thing about the Potter cat sculpture is the reaction live cats have to them. Cats think it is real!”

    Ann Marie

    I would totally buy a “Potter” cat! He reminds me of my late Hugh.



    I want a Potter cat!!! I have wanted one since I saw that picture some years ago.

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