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    These pictures are starting to be posted on Instagram and Facebook, but not everyone may follow those platforms. It seems as though it is time to give these photos their own thread rather than scattering them around the Forum.

    This was posted the other day in the “Show off your kirin families” thread. It’s from the “Windstone Editions” Facebook thread (also posted on Instagram):
    “The original baby Kirin clay sculpture and the finished one. I do most of the detail work in a gypsum reproduction.”


    This photo also is from the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page. You may already have seen it in the 2021 “What’s Next on the Schedule” thread:
    “A shelf of unused ( so far) Windstone Editions projects. Lots of small things that were intended for a pewter line we never did.”


    This is a new photo from the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page (also posted in Instagram):
    “Throwback Thursday. This is a quagga colt I made in a Jr. High ceramics class. He had a missing hind leg that I just fixed with epoxy clay. He’s well over 50 years old! I’m surprised he still has the other three legs.”



    The most recent Facebook/Instagram posting:

    “These are pics of the Windstone editions “Emperor dragon” WIP, ( in clay ) and finished. I don’t usually sculpt the originals with this much detail, but I wanted to have “keeled” scales on this dragon.I thought they’d be easier to sculpt rather than be carved in the gypsum casting. My lesson here… nothing is easy.
    The finished Emperor dragon is a color called “Blue Morpho”. He wears a ziptie because he is a paint sample.”





    Photos of Melody’s sculptures can be found in several places. Just for fun – posted on deviantArt in 2011:

    “Two versions of the several fiddling devils I have attempted.
    The large pink one is made of sculpey. He broke to pieces. His foot is lying next to him, there on the shelf.
    The white one is plaster, with grey wax all over his head. These are a mess, but I am showing them so you can see the position they are in.
    The little fiddle with flaps is made of “Miliput” a very difficult to use epoxie clay.”

    In the comments Melody says that the little winged fiddle is “a violin with flaps. And goose feet.”



    Cool WIP pics!
    Thanks etruscan for finding and posting these in one thread!

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    Those are awesome!

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    Is that a flying mouse in the back of the big group picture?? Oh, no, I love it! I have some adorable tiny paintings of winged mice that I bought at a local convention years ago, and a winged mouse would be just the thing to display with them… 🙂 The ones in the paintings have butterfly wings rather than feathers, but *shrug* details, details. 🙂

    I see what looks like Pebble Cats, and a Pebble-sized Cat Wizard, too – very interesting! And I’d love to see the little strutting green critter on the left better.

    The small kirins in the right bottom corner would definitely come and live with me if they ever make it into production! <3

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    I see a few I would like to see produced.The chicken and the 2 ki-rins for sure,really nice.The curled kitty with scales is cool.
    Curious what the bright orange Poad(tm)type butt looks like😁

    Every act matters,no matter how small.
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    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...


    Another old figure from Melody’s deviantArt page.
    Melody says, “Ceramic sphinx … Hey! I found one of my rough old sphinx sculptures!
    I had forgotten about this one. I made her in 1982, which was a couple years before Windstone existed.
    She is unglazed ceramic clay, and is posed here with some nice chunks of petrified wood.
    We fired her in a reducing atmosphere so that the clay turned a tan color with toasted edges. I kinda like the way it makes her look filthy, like she just got in a cat-fight. This sphinx is about.. ( where is that dang ruler…) 5 inches long.”



    These “travel back in Time” sculpts are all totally amazing!!
    Luv the Diablo playing the violin 🎻!!
    Luv the quagga colt; that was when you were in Jr. High School Melody🦋??
    You were So Incredibly Talented so young!!
    Even writing about Kade too and a drawing of him …maybe you were around age 14-ish??
    Thank you Etruscan for sharing these “trip down Memory Lane” photos for all of us to enjoy !!
    Big Hugs !!

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    From Melody’s Facebook page, posted in 2016 – closeup view of a couple of “cats” that also are in the big group photo of “unused projects”.
    Melody says, “Snapshot of some tatzel cat sculp ideas that have been sitting around . I have lots off little “sketch” versions of potential sculptures. The little one is a rattlecat.”



    Also from Melody’s Facebook page (posted in 2015) – a tiny Llama.
    Melody says, “This one is a little schmarmed in photoshop because I couldn’t get the camera to focus on something this small. He was intended to be part of a pewter line that we never did.”
    From the comments – “Are you planning on selling these?!”
    Melody’s reply – “Probably not, but if we did, they would be cast in pewter . This llama is itty bitty. Too small for gypsum.”



    I see a few I would like to see produced.The chicken and the 2 ki-rins for sure,really nice.The curled kitty with scales is cool.
    Curious what the bright orange Poad(tm)type butt looks like😁

    I think it is a painted version of this sculpt. Photo was posted on Melody’s Facebook page in February 2015.
    Melody says, “Early poad™. The smile mimics the body line.”
    You said, “Make some of those for us Ms.Melody and call them Poad Cousins.”



    Melody posted this photo on the “Windstone Editions” Facebook page. It has a bit of everything!

    Melody says, “This is my work area. Embrace the mess.”


    The lying down winged creature at lower right is her WIP sculpture of Serl (the griffin that is the Windstone logo).



    From the comments – “can we see more of the kitty next to the unpainted dragon on the far left? least I think it’s a kitty, lion female maybe?”

    Melody’s reply – ” unfinished male qi-lin and unfinished female flion”


    From the comments – “Omg love the logo griffin! Any chance of him making it into production?”

    Melody’s reply – “Yes, I am planning to make him as a pyo.”


    Oh the expression on the male wiling is the best!

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