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    Looking for someone who is experienced in repairing the 1980’s peacock dragons. …also have a Griffin that needs a little help. Please contact me. Thank you!

    To answer your earlier question, yes drag0nfeathers is still doing repairs. She fixed a male dragon of mine with a similar problem earlier this year.

    However, you should send a private message directly to her if you are interested in repair work, not post a message here and hope that she sees it.

    Cynthia Napolitano

    Thank you, Etruscan! In the process of being approved for the FB Fan Club sooooo hope I can reach her there also.



    I feel like I should be thanking you for being my forum secretary etruscan LOL!

    Yes anyone can feel free to message me on here or send me an an email which is right in my signature. I will get to your inquiry a lot faster that way as I don’t check all the threads on the forum too often. I also help moderate the Windstone Editions Official Fan Page on Facebook so you can also find me on there under Mandy Richardi.

    Got a busted dragon? There isn't a Windstone I can't fix!
    *OPEN for repairs*

    Arc-en-ciel Emperor
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    Ivory Moss Sitting Baby Kirin
    Tattoo Mother Kirin
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    Emerald Tabby + Masquerade Male Griffins
    Betta Sun Dragon + Male Dragon
    Barn Swallow, Dreamscape, Orion, Poison Dart, Fireberry, Calypso, + Spangler Dragons

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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