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      I suppose there is another thread like this, but I’m too lazy to dig for it :p . Aside from a houseful of books, I like playmobil toys (fantasy ones), things that glow in the dark (including hexbugs nanos (that cat loves playing with those)), those 3D plastic puzzles, and occasional pokemon toys. I also have a closet full of arts and crafts supplies that I almost never use (I keep saying someday soon…) So what does everyone else have taking up space?

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        I have small Pokemon plush collection, mostly Eeveelutions, I’ve got a new Vulpix plush on it’s way to me now.I also have a small herd of Breyer Model horses.And A nice collection of romance novels!

        Also, I usually keep any perfume bottles I find pretty/cute, for example I’ve kept all my Britney Spears Fantasy bottles, I need to buy the newest scent actually, Also I have a lot of the Harajuku Lovers doll bottles.

        I also realized I’m a box hoarder, I have tons of shipping boxes in my closet ‘just in case’, anytime I get a box that looks reusable I can’t seem to get rid of it lol.

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          Mmm…. Things that I collect that take up space other than Windstones…. Well, I collect Dragonball Z figures, Dragonball Z cels, doujinshi, manga, art books (instructional and showcase), anime, books (fantasy and science fiction), glass figures, pewter figures and video games. Since I’ve tightened my budget I don’t collect nearly as much anymore. Which is probably for the best because I don’t actually have space for too much more without some severe reorganizing/gutting of my collections.

          My still active collections are my Dragonball Z figures, doujinshi, cels and Windstones. These have all slowed to only the occasional purchase when something REALLY calls to me. Being responsible with my money sucks. ๐Ÿ˜‰


            books, anime, manga. And between those and Windstones, I’m running out of shelves!


              I also realized I’m a box hoarder, I have tons of shipping boxes in my closet ‘just in case’, anytime I get a box that looks reusable I can’t seem to get rid of it lol.

              This! Drives my fiance crazy, lol

              I also collect hardcover books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Sue Grafton, John Grisham, Mercedes Lackey and of course the incomperable Anne McCaffrey! And there’s also my growing collection of mercury glass Christmas trees that sadly only get displayed for a couple months each year.

              Oh! I have 3 cats I found (or found us) and now a 4th who we’ve been sheltering and feeding on our porch…do they count?? lol


                Hello all!! I’m pretty new here but I like Windstone and Pyrex!! Plus just stared collecting a small porcelain christmas village set.


                  I like minerals and fossils. I’m proud to say the chest under my desk is gradually beginning to overflow.

                  [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]

                  Mercury Star

                    Books, Breyer horses (and some other horse-shaped objects), cat figurines, raven artwork, eyeball artwork, dragons, art and craft supplies, bones, shells, rocks, marbles, bottles, and any other little thing that catches my eye.


                      I like rocks, crystals, and fossils. The chest under my desk is gradually beginning to overflow, to my pride.

                      I also have a small collection of rocks and geodes with my 10 year old son. ๐Ÿ™‚


                        Well, if we are counting living things, I have a ton of fixed ferals I err collect. I’m trying to “collect” two more tonight, but I’ve had two false hits in the cages already, and a spooked and yowling cat scares away the targets. You’d think cats who already gone for “the ride” and come back spayed or neutered would be smart enough to stay away from those humane traps, but apparently not! Annoying when my SPCA requires appointments for the spay and neuter clinic and I never know when I’ll get an unfixed cat. Love the ear “tipping” though, looking at the cat’s profile even at a distance shows you if you’ve got unfixed kitties in the mix. Always scared I’ll “collect” a raccoon instead :O


                          Besides my collection of Windstones I also have a small collection of “Best in Show” dogs, which represent each breed realisticly. I only have 8 of these now, but had close to 20 at one point. I went through a period where I lost interest in them and I donated a few to a local fundraiser, and then gave some to friends….all of which I totally regret now ๐Ÿ™ I wish I had kept them…

                          I also collect art work from various people. I have a whole collection of small prints of dragons that a local artist did. I have 2 prints by Balaa, and a bunch of posters on my walls, some by Tom Wood.

                          I also have some prints and a few originals done by a friend, who is also my tattooist, for the most part. (Been awhile since I got any ink) Anyways he is an amazing artist and specializes in portraits and skulls. He also does art work and he has done some amazing realistic pieces in charcoal…. of which I have 6…I think? Lol!

                          Oh and I have a collection of bobbleheads from Dexter and The Walking Dead shows, plus a few figures from Game of Thrones.

                          I also have some gargoyles and a large collection of human skulls …. mostly resin, but I do have a real skull from a coyote. And a mummified salamander, and quills from an African porcupine plus other odd things ….Lol! I do like odd things ๐Ÿ˜‰


                            I have a few things I collect besides my two curios of Windstones. I have a big bookcase full of non fiction books, mostly on things like self improvement, investing, business, health and recipes. I have 3 smaller bookcases full of beanie babies from 15-20 years ago and some new beanie boos too just for fun. I have a bunch of Hamilton Rainbow Dreams Unicorn figurines and they are all so cute! I also have a few Trail of Painted Ponies Figurines on my dresser. I used to collect rocks and gems as a kid and teen too and jewellery but unfortunately lost my collection in a move. As for furry animals, we have 5 rescue kitties too. My mom would collect pets if she could and we used to have dogs and rodents too but we aren’t supposed to many many pets where we live.

                            Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


                              Aside from windstones the major “active” collections in the house are books, movies and cds, though due to space limitations there haven’t been many physical books or cds added to the collections lately – just digital versions.

                              Collections that don’t grow any more include several from my childhood including: porcelain dolls, non-windstone unicorns, 80s mlp & barbies.


                                Books … books … and then some books. I haven’t quite reached the point of “One goes out if one comes in”, but I certainly agree with Lupus on the lack of shelf space problem!


                                  I’ve got my collection of Breyer and Peter Stone model horses. My first love. :love: I also collect books, and I justify that by rereading them all the time. Mainly fiction/trashy romance, but also lots of non fiction involving horses/horse breeds/breeding in general. My husband gave be a book for our first anniversary about different breeding practices and observations by a non horse person. TB breeding vs Standarbred for example. My family and I have also ‘collected’ a family of kitties. Mamma gave birth last year to four (!) females. Those four now hang out in our backyard and come inside for petting and loving before I dish out the canned food. All except one, she doesn’t like being touched, but will still get close. I’m trying to figure out how to afford spaying for four females before we end up with a whole lot more!

                                  Love baby kirins, safari poads, mini keepers, and anything BLUE, BLUE, and, oh yes, BLUE.

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