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    My first OW (and only at the moment) was a red fire I found at a store in another part of the state. They also had a red fire lap as well. I went back and forth forever trying to decide which one I wanted. I couldn’t take it anymore and did the only logical thing… I bought them both. :bigsmile: LOL!

    I bought a male unicorn too (he was on sale for $60). I couldn’t believe I had bought 3 Windstones at once. I felt guilty for a while, but the guilt only lasted until I unpacked them. It was such a wonderful feeling to have them in my collection. I didn’t care about the money at that point. I refused to let any guilt ruin my appreciation and love for them. I rarely splurge on things, and I don’t buy a lot of things for myself… but every once and a while you need to treat yourself. Enjoy your pretties and don’t worry about what other people think!! 🙂


    No need for guilt. I was TERRIBLE, and I’m still grinning over all my new pretties. I’m a student, I work only part time, and I FILLED my credit card with Windstones, paid it off in one payment to prevent them from charging me interest and thus playing along in their capitalist pig-dog scheme, then my credit card company upped my spending cap…so I’m probably going to do it again 😉 I’ll learn better when I’m old…


    lol 🙂
    yes I am going to enjoy him and hopefully get him soon (before this looming postal strike occurs) 🙁

    Arya- yes the emerald peacock is a gorgeous color. I saw an OW in a store awhile ago and thats when I thought WOW. When I saw your post I called the store and they still have him so if you are interested I can give you their number. I asked and they said they will ship. 🙂 I thought it would have been sold already so forgot to check there again, plus I live about an hour away so ordering from Windstone was easier.
    PS I forgot to ask the price but normally their prices are a little bit higher than Windstone. It depends on what the exchange was at the time. It is great now but he has been there awhile so he may be more money.

    I appreciate everyones responses 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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