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    I have always loved the emerald peacock dragons but do not own one. My favorite sculpt is the OW. So tonight I was drooling over the OW again and put him in my cart. I then checked to see how many are in stock. He was the last one :O
    I know more will be made but I do not know when so I bought him. I have drooled over him for over a year. I do not have the money to spend right now but my grandmother gave me two hundred dollars for my birthday and I forked up the last one hundred (shipping is almost 50 bucks) now I feel guilty and need you guys to make me feel better 🙂 my family thinks my Windstone collecting is silly so I have no one else to turn to but you fellow collectors. 🙂

    My sister made her first Windstone purchase with a couple of unicorns so I started to think I had someone to talk to about them but she only wanted those two and no more. She thinks ornaments are a waste of money and only bought those two for her daughters. I thought she would get hooked on them but no 🙁

    PS I am still looking for a baby kirin(production or not) I actually have my husbands blessing on that because its for our (hopefully) soon to be daughter 😀


    Awww,bless your little heart.Don’t feel bad or be so hard on yourself.As long as there is food on your home and your bills are getting pain,what you do with your “mad money” is your own business,not other family members{besides,I bet if you look close enough,you will see they all have little “habits”too}.I am positive you are not alone in having to defend your love of the Windstones.Trust me on that one.LOL.I bet we all have at one point or another to someone that just doesn’t understand but you know what?We still collect when we have the funds and we will continue to do so.Look at it another way,it is an investment.I will be leaving all of mine for my kids and grandkids.In thirty or so years….it is quite an investment.It isn’t like it’s beanie babies or WalMart stuff,right?It is beautiful art so ENJOY!! 🙂
    The OW is a fabulous sculpture in any color and enjoy him with pride.Not everyone can boast to have such a piece. 😉

    May this New Year be the best year of our lives!
    (Wanted-safari (pref.tiger) baby unicorn)


    You shouldn’t feel guilty. If he’s been in the store for over a year, obviously he was waiting for you!
    Besides, it’s none like you sniped someone’s “Looking to buy” post for a piece someone had been looking for for several years, like I had done to me.


    Don’t let others get you down! If this dragon brings you joy than that is good enough. 😉

    I can relate to your situation. I have always been a fantasy lover since I was a kid. I have collected dragons, unicorns and gryphons for years. My mom thought i would grow out of it. I never did 😛

    Also I think Windstones are a great way to weed out people in your life. I had a boyfriend who just hated fantasy. My Windstone collection creeped him out. He told me he wouldn’t come over anymore until I got rid of them. Guess who I got rid of 😛


    Bodine is right! My husband and my dad both give me grief over buying a couple expensive Windstones. But I don’t feel guilty because my hubby collects really expensive military figures and my dad collects sports memorabilia. They have no room to judge! :bigsmile: I think my husband’s military figures are junk, but as long as I don’t complain about what he spends on them, he has no room to complain about my Windstones! Don’t let your family make you feel guilty- I bet they’ve spent money on things you think are silly. 🙂


    Also I think Windstones are a great way to weed out people in your life. I had a boyfriend who just hated fantasy. My Windstone collection creeped him out. He told me he wouldn’t come over anymore until I got rid of them. Guess who I got rid of 😛

    Agreed! We should have a bumper sticker for the Cafe Press store that says, “Love me, love my Windstones”

    The trick to avoid the “OMG I JUST BOUGHT A NEW WINDSTONE….and spent a lot of money…” guilt is just not to think of the money! 😉 Think of it as a number. 260. Like 260 flowers in a field. 260 crows sitting on a power line. If the em pea OW is your first OW, you will be in for a surprise at how big and awesome he is! My first one was a Ruby OW and I probably gawked at him the entire rest of the day after he arrived. Congrats on your new pretty, skeeter!


    Don’t feel guilty at all. 😀

    Congratulations on your purchase!


    Life is too short to worry about the past. It’s done, the only thing is that YOU need to deal with what you have decided!!! I also raise and train showhorses—-no one in my family understands. My mother said it was a phase, I’m now 55 and am buying a new baby this week—guess it wasn’t.


    lol thank you everyone 🙂
    He is not my first OW my husband bought me my first one about three years ago. It was a peacock OW. I told my husband my collecting is all his fault since he bought me my first Windstone dragon 😀
    I guess I was feeling guilty because this is not my first Windstone purchase over the past month and I told myself last week no more for awhile. I do have all my bills paid and food on the table but starting now no more Windstones for a little bit (unless its a baby kirin, or an Amethyst OW or a slate grand unicorn or a…) ha ha see how long my restraint lasts 🙂
    I love my Windstones and Melody is such a wonderful artist I personally think my family is crazy for NOT collecting them 😉
    Thank you for all your support ((hugs))


    I have learned not to feel guilty about my pleasure purchases. Windstone falls under that catagory. Especially Ebay pieces. Even more especially Tiger pieces.


    My family probably feels the same . I get grief over books too . But I collect them any way .
    When they are so beautifully done and give you enjoy . Thats what matters . How you feel about them . I love Flap Cats . My guity pleasure .
    And PYO unicorns and winged wolves .
    So believe me your not alone . You will find support here .
    This last month has been bad for me . Ordering to many . lol .

    Your dragon makes you happy wonderful . Crazy too , because I had a dream just moments ago about someone buying the last Emerald Peacock OW in a store .
    Wow thats weird . There were aligators in the display case . That I know Melody isn’t making them ….

    Enjoy your dragon and don’t let others get to you . Good for you for getting him .


    If the em pea OW is your first OW, you will be in for a surprise at how big and awesome he is! My first one was a Ruby OW and I probably gawked at him the entire rest of the day after he arrived. Congrats on your new pretty, skeeter!


    Oh my gosh, I’m about to post in the collection thread but this was too neat not to comment on – I literally JUST got my very first Old Warrior in the mail today. Guess what color? EmPea of course!!

    DO NOT feel guilty about your purchase Jellyfish – trust me, as soon as you see how amazing he is, you won’t have a second thought about how much you spent! These guys are amazing, and OMG HEAVY!! I didn’t realize how big and heavy he was until I went to pick him up by the wings (the area I generally pick up PYO Keepers and Male Dragons from) and found that I had to cradle him in my arms to really feel safe about holding him! XD

    He’s on my desk right now staring at me, probably thinking “Um.. this isn’t where you plan to keep me forever is it?” 🙂

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    Please visit Cuddly Clay to see my art and PYO's that I've done in the past!


    I was actually hoping to clear out the last of my university debt and possibly treat myself to that particular Old Warrior, and you know what? I’m not the least bit upset or disappointed to have missed out. It sounds like you’ll really appreciate him, so I don’t see any reason why you should feel guilty 🙂

    I actually had some Emerald Peacock-related guilt a few years ago, when I got the very last signed Em Pea curlie from the store after he had sat there for quite some time. I had worked a day of double-pay overtime, and rather than putting every cent of my wages into my school Debt Pit I decided to get my first ever Windstone. I felt guilty after I committed to the purchase, I thought that I should have put every penny down on my debt, but my parents told me that I had to have some fun every once in a while. I also felt badly when other collectors began to ask where the last Em Pea curlie went, but they were all so supportive when they found out that I had it. He may be tiny, but I still love that sculpture to bits.

    As for my Old Warrior dreams, maybe there will be more of them in that colour soon, and if not I’m sure that some other colour will come along and tempt me in due time. Enjoy your dragon! It’s so nice to see someone else who loves that colour as much as I do 😛


    No Guilt!! 8) You have taken care of everything you need to as a responsible adult and are entitled to something fun for yourself! :bigsmile:

    Totally hear you on the family not understanding (You paid how much for a chunk of painted plaster!?!). Mum was convinced that I would either outgrow or she could talk me out of my collection (she still tries to this day) but 15 years on I still love, collect and oogle them. :love:

    I know shipping is a pain but on the bright side at least the exchange rate is working in our favor!!! 😉


    No need to feel guilty. The money your grandmother gave you was for your birthday to spend on yourself as you saw fit. OWs are awesome! EmPea is one of only two more I’ve got on my wish list. It’s a beautiful color! 🙂 You’ll enjoy him when he arrives for sure!

    My family picks on me for my collecting, but at the same time, my mom collects dolls and Precious Moments, so it’s good natured teasing, like that if I buy another Windstone, the floor might cave in (I have a larger collection, but I know much larger ones… it looks bigger because all the larger pieces are stacked in boxes in a room while we renovate what will be my room). I have a lot of things I collect, but Windsones, Fenton figures and, more recently, Asian Ball Joint Dolls (just because a few of them are bigger, around 68cm) are the ones that catch the most teasing/attention, since they are out and most visible. They gave up on teasing about all my stuffed animals I guess!

    Everyone has their own hobbies and some people collect things while others don’t. You’re an adult and your own person. If it pleases you to collect Windstones, do it. 🙂

    Griffinlover – I agree on Windstones weeding people out! I believe pets do the same as well. I won’t give up my hobbies/interests or pets just because someone else is weirded out by them or doesn’t like them. If I had a significant other who made me have to choose, they’d be out, because if they’re trying to make me choose, it means they don’t accept me for who I am and they don’t accept my ‘family’ (in the case of pets). *nods*

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