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    Tally Mark

      Hello everyone! I actually joined here awhile ago, but then grad school started up and, ah, I never got around to posting. ^_^;; I have strong lurker tendencies and revert back to lurking way too easily, but I’m trying to break that bad bad habit.

      So, I just thought I’d introduce myself. Me, I’m a struggling grad student (Master’s in biology), and an amateur artist in my (meager) free time. I like sculpting and needle felting fantasy creatures, most especially dragons. I like to draw too, but I’m not all that good at it.

      I’ve been passionately obsessed with dragons all my life, and the Windstone dragons have been such an inspiration. Her art truly makes them come alive. My first Windstone was a present from my family when I was a little girl, the hatching pegasus, and I’ve been obsessed with Melody’s work ever since! My favorites are the peacock dragons, particularly the mother dragon and the old warrior. They’re the pride of my collection. I still hold out hope that someday I’ll be able to afford an emperor…a girl can dream, after all. ^_~

      Tally Mark


          Hello and Welcome!

          While hiding somewhere in my head I'm on the lookout for white oriental dragons! Please let me know if you know of any available. Thank you!


            Welcome to the forum! Glad you decided to say Hi. πŸ˜€ I love the empress sculpt.


              Hi! Can we see some of your artwork?


                Hi & Welcome! You’re in Mass? My sis and her family just moved to Cape Cod. When I get out to visit I’d love to stop by ’cause I always wanted to learn needle felting and there’s no one in our non-exsistent town in Idaho to teach me! Welcomne to the mad house!

                twindragonsmum πŸ˜€





                    Welcome, we’re glad to have you with us!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


                      Welcome! πŸ˜€ How many Windstones do you have?


                      Welcome, we seem to have the “Lurkers” popping out all over lately πŸ˜† Glad you decided to join us. Don’t worry about all the little dragons showing up. No ones been bit yet. 😈 πŸ˜†

                      ** * * * * *


                          Welcome! Are you concentrating on anything in the Biology department?


                            WELCOME WELCOME!!


                              Welcome, we’re all addicts here. πŸ˜†

                              Tally Mark

                                Thank you all for the warm welcome! ^_^ I don’t have a website or anything, but you can see my dragons and stuff on deviantart, I’m tallydragon there (I’d post a link but, uh, I don’t have enough posts here yet to allow that…oops).
                                …But please ignore my lame Inuyasha fanart. ^_^;;

                                Needle felting is so relaxing, I love it! I totally lucked out in that there’s a fiber farm (the Iron Horse Farm) in Sherborn MA, and they offer classes every now and then, plus they sell supplies and wool. If you’re in MA, either stop by them or stop by me (I’m in boston), it’s a fun hobby to get into. ^_^

                                Oh gosh, it’s been awhile since I counted, and I’ve gotten a lot as presents recently…I think around 22 windstones, plus a couple of PYO’s. Most are at home with my mom, since I just don’t have the space to house them here in my apartment. I’ve been hoarding for a long time!

                                I’m concentrating on keeping afloat mostly. ^_^;; If my department had an OEB program, I’d be in that..I’m interested in ecology/evolutionary/behavioral work. Unfortunately, turns out the only labs in my university that do that are closed, so I’m trying out a biomechanics lab instead.

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