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    Hi Everyone, Yes I’m new here, a couple of years ago I lost one of my dearest friends 🙁 ( a Brown Male Dragon)when Wilma came thru Florida. I had finally gotten my computer back up and was looking around and found the Windstone website, so I emailed Mrs. Pena and told her about what had happened and she suggested that I keep my eyes open on ebay and today I welcomed a old friend back, Yes, I finally got a new (old) brown male dragon 😀 . He has a couple of small nicks, but at least he is intact and he will be well cared for, right now I am thinking about seeing if I can blend the proper colors to repair him a little and then i will start saving for the (hopefully) soon to be released AL series of dragons I would love to get a SK in that coloration.
    Melody, Thank you for inviting me and I hope that all is going well in your world.



    Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you were able to get another brown Male. Brown is one of my most favorite colors the dragons were done in. I’m thinking of getting an OW in brown actually. I do love the white dragons too though.

    We are all hoping… well most of us, I guess I should say… are hoping for some dragons in the autumn leaf color soon. Hey, maybe they’ll be available in time for autumn this year! Anyway, welcome again… and watch your collection grow. Joining the forum seems to make people want to spend their money on more Windstones. Enjoy! 😀


    Hi, Welcome! I’m sorry you lost your brown male, and I’m happy you were able to replace him. Stick around we’ll have your collection growing. (Which is why I try to stay away. 😆 )




    Welcome Micah. I’m fairly new too. Trust me when they say your collection will grow now that you’re here. I had a 20 year gap since the last Windstones that joined my family. Since finding this group last month, my collection has doubled. 🙂

    Be sure to cruise the different message threads. You’ll find lots of pictures of awesome collections much bigger than mine.


    Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you. I hope you get many new Windstones!


    😀 😀 😀 WELCOME!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I like the old browns too, have you seen the hatching royals in that color in the store, and the ow?


    There’s a brown Scratcher in the store as well. I actually just got one of him a few weeks ago… and he’s really cool looking. I highly recommend him! 😀


    Welcome, Micah. Like people said, there are still plenty of brown pieces out there,even though the color has been retired for years.


    Welcome and congrats on replacing your brown dragon. I love mine 😀


    Welcome. I am also glad you were able to replace your Male dragon. Like the others have stated…it is addicting to be here, but there are a lot of nice folks. Be sure to post a picture of your collection every once in a while. 😀


    Welcome to the forum!

    Just of curiosity and a long time reader of Laurell K. Hamilton is there any connection with your screen name?




    Welcome! Glad you got your brown male…. I think he’s one of my favorites 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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