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    I know we’re all anxiously looking forward to the soon to be released wild fantasy batch of grab bag baby unicorns, but some of us are more anxious than others! I say this because some of us probably or definitely won’t have near-constant email and computer access, and would almost certainly miss out on this batch without help.

    I figured I would start this thread as a way for people who need this help to hook up with people who are willing and able to monitor the store for them.

    Besides, forum members are a lot more likely to put their GB babies up for trade than non-members, so this increases the trading/selling selection for everyone. 🙂

    I’ll go first: Can someone watch the store and order GB babies for me, pretty pretty please? *makes puppy eyes*

    EDIT: Got someone! 🙂


    Is there any chance someone could be on the lookout for me too?

    I’m not sure if I’ll be in class or not when the babies are released, and I’d really like to get one. I’ve never had a grab bag anything, but I saw this aqua zebra baby and totally fell in love. If someone could get me a baby from the batch that this one is supposed to be in that would be wonderful >.<


    Im already possibly helping someone.


    I can help 🙂


    Thanks Wolfen 🙂


    I may be unable to watch the store either depending when they come out. I may be in school. Is there anyone who could watch for me? Thank you!! 🙂


    If they come out on Friday i will need someone to help me watch the store.

    Danzig Moon (Karen)

    :bigsmile: My baby is spoken for. 😉

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    I normally watch for others, but this time I might be needing help rather than giving it. (fingers crossed)


    I ususally just collect dragons,but must admit I am looking forward to these GB Baby Unicorns. I hope I can get one myself, and if able keep an eye out for you.


    SO far I’m watching for 5 people 0.o

    I hope I don’t dissappoint!

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    How do you watch for someone? Do you give someone your log in info and they log in and buy one for you?


    Good of people to offer help to each other . I wish you luck .


    In the order form, there are separate sections for billing address and shipping address. The helper puts the address of the person they are purchasing for as the shipping address, and adds a note in the comments section for Windstone to send a Paypal invoice to the recipient (or something like that for people who pay with money orders).

    In other words, you need to tell your helper your shipping address and paypal address in advance, and they do the rest. Just be sure to pay the email invoice when it arrives!


    Just thought I’d let you know they will not go into the store today, Tuesday January 24th. Not sure about tomorrow, many of them are not quite grown up enough to go out on their own. Melody and Chessie are not usually here in the morning, so it won’t be until afternoon that we’ll have a better idea of when they will be ready. We are moving day by day here! I will try to keep you posted. Please remember our rule about not running auto-refreshing programs that tell you when somethings new on a site – those can cause problems for our site and the other sites our hosts host.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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