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      My first Windstone was a Candy Corn GBB 🙂 and then I got addicted fast, within roughly a year I had up to 15 GBB’s alone, with 6 GB wolves, and roughly 10 other misc pieces 🙂 .. I have since toned my collection down, due to lack of space, but I’m still constantly keeping tabs on what I want to buy next! Even when I have no money! haha

      Here is my handsome lil color shift Prince!

      I named him Charming, ’cause he worked his charms on me, I couldn’t bare to trade him! and he worked his charms on my mom, who still threatens to steal him some two years later! *Giggle*


        And that pretty poad… it has a butt… I still can’t get over that fact.

        All poads have butts… the adult ones have bigger butts!

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          My very first Windstone dragon was the lovely white Coiled Mother w/golden egg.It was back in ’98 and I had to put it on layaway for myself for Mother’s Day because I didn’t have a job but just had to have it.It was love at first sight.It was another 8yrs before my second which was a Rainbow Young,gift from my son Bo.I didn’t get another Windstone until 2009 when I found Ebay and then here.I didn’t get my first computer until then so thanks to this thing I now have an amazing collection of 150 sculpts,and counting, and 2 prints.You can’t have just one. 😉
          These are Astral Castle stock photos.Don’t have any on this laptop.
          Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

          Every act matters.No matter how small💞
          (Wanted...Silver RHK..Stone Lap...Brimstone Lap)
          Male day🤞Dream on.


            My first Windstone (which was in fact a dragon) was a white male dragon I sniped off of ebay back in the first days of Ebay. His name is Draconis. I had a max of 5 Windstones by the time I graduated (a baby white unicorn, a baby kirin, a male kirin I snagged for $20 on a mismarked Ebay auction, and I think I may have acquired a hatchling during that time). My collection has grown quite a bit since college.


              My first dragon was a PYO I commissioned through an eBay auction. Which led me to this site. And suddenly my PYO is surrounded by Mini Keepers (and a curled and a GBB and a poad coming soon….).


                My first Windstone was a male peacock dragon that i found on e- bay for $20.00 bin and free shipping :love: Me boyohs used to put it by the front door as a “watch dragon” any time their dad was out of town on business… Later added 3 male griffins (the stripey winged one came from ski – thanks ski! ) and they guarded the back door, kitchen door and garage door. This in a town where no one locked houses and left car keys in cars :bigsmile:

                twindragonsmum 🙂



                  my first Windstone was a Wizard Cat Candle Lamp….she was all I could afford at the time…

                  many years later, I got my first dragon at a Lady of the Lake that was closing, found a ruby mother who hadn’t sat in the sun so no fading(a year a two later failed on the fading area with a red fire mother at another LotL)….

                  5 things I'm looking for:
                  1. Mother Meerkat
                  2. Large Bird-Winged Flip Flap Cat – Lynx Point Siamese
                  3. production color Sitting Oriental to be made that’s not VF
                  4. Female Griffin – Siamese with White
                  5. September Raffle Prize 2022 AHD Male Griffin


                  My very first Windstone was the Mother white Unicorn, gifted to me in 07, many years after I used to ogle the male sitting white Unicorn, which was gifted to a close friend of mine. Although I dreamed of owning a Windstone myself, I somehow forgot about them. Well, not completely, I had a fold out pamphlet that showed all the various sculptures and newest dragon colors that Windstone offered at the time, which was a lot.

                  I think they faded from my mind for several reasons, 1) I couldn’t afford the luxury of dust collectors 2) combine that with moving a LOT, not by choice & 3) I never saw them anywhere anymore. Although I knew I could probably get my fix by walking into a Wicks N Sticks or a Tobacco store in a mall, I’m no mall rat, barn rat yes, so jaunts into a mall were quite rare. Needless to say, I was quite happy with real horses.

                  However, the person that gifted that Unicorn mare to me had ZERO idea I was a Windstone freak. That was like the Holy Grail of collectables for me! They just knew me well enough to know what a hit that beautiful Unicorn statue would be with me. I was staring at her one day and a thought bubbled up into my head, “Gee, I wonder if I can find a shop that carries more of their line via the internet.”


                  My first Dragon purchase was a Peacock Old Warrior …..

                  My favorite color scheme, though they almost ALL are beautiful, (I’m no fan of the Black Gold), appears to be the Rainbow color scheme. The Black violet/Black Emerald Peacocks are a close second.

                  Check out their monthly raffles. You too could win a special Windstone sculpture for free! They also have quests, and guess what the prize is if you win one of those? :->

                  P.S. Welcome! We understand your addiction I mean, desire to collect these beautiful statues.


                    Aw, thanks! That’a an interesting story. Though I myself love the black golds. And the Opoponax.

                    I feel like Windstone’s next dragon color needs to be WHITE gold. It would be very popular, wouldn’t it?

                    Anyways… have a nice day you all.

                    P.S. Where do you find the raffles?

                    [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                      When I was younger, (teen) a friend with a handier income collected the white dragons and I drooled. And collected the catalogs. And never forgot.

                      When Ebay got established (and I joined,) I bid on a Peacock Mother Dragon, got her for hmm, I think $50 plus shipping? and she survived the journey to me packed in a very small box with shredded paper for packing material. (gotta love that sculpt, they seem more resilient than average to crude packing.) She has a few rubs, and is one of the most common pieces out there, but frankly, those Peacock Mothers are common for a reason. They’re downright lovely.

                      A hatchling joined shortly after, along with the male dragon, and the male and female unicorns. Things have expanded since then, to some complete families and a handful of personal Grail pieces, but that’s my start.

                      Edit: @ Stormbreeze, if you go to the Community tab on the top of the page, and click on Blog, that’s where Melody holds a monthly raffle.


                        Thanks so much. Cool stories, by the way.

                        [i]Keeping an eye out for fantasy gryphons and test paint dragons.[/i]


                          I had been working on a project for my Aunt in which I needed to age some copper. I looked up google images for “copper patina” and one of the top results was a Windstone. I was then lead to this site and my new addiction! This guy was my first. I now have the male, mother, both spectrals, hatching, and curled dragons in copper patina. I want the whole family! This picture is with flash because I feel it really shows off the different colors.


                          My first Windstone Dragon was the original Green Male Dragon. He is now somewhere in the age range of 28 to 30 years old. He is pictured as my Avatar. He has held up really well, and I always have him in a display case. The hutch lights up and his colors are absolutely amazing still. One of my most cherished pieces, the detail is just incredible!


                            I had loved the Windstone dragons from the moment I laid eyes on them when they first came out. But I couldn’t afford any for years. Nor could any of my family. I spent years in any store that I could find them wishing that someday I might be able to afford even one.
                            Then about 9 years ago while I was in Montana for a few years I stopped into this tiny out of the way Hallmark/Craft store that had three of them. They only had three and I put all three on lay away immediately. The are the Male Rainbow Dragon, the Mother Rainbow Dragon and the Emperor Rainbow Dragon. Even with lay away it took me 8 months to pay them off and bring them home. I still have them. They have been displayed everyday and are still in mint condition.
                            Then I think it was about a year ago I found Windstones on eBay which then led me to this forum earlier this year. Since then I have added to the collection a bit. Seems like every time i look there is something else I find
                            Addicted? Oh yesss… lol

                            I was lucky to find the rainbow Young Dragon a few months ago. The mini Keeper I think looks great with her Rainbow Cousins too!
                             photo 20140415_132325_zps451597b9.jpg

                             photo 002_zps9ff0776d.jpg

                            Looking for:
                            "COSMIC SHIFT DRAGONS and KI-RINS" and the "OCTOPUS TANUKI TEST PAINT #1"


                              My first dragon was a Peacock Young dragon.

                              Hahaha! Same here.

                              :D. Me, too!

                              With a small wizard in peacock very shortly after.

                              I still have them both. And 400+ friends.

                              Life is beautiful.

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