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    Just wondering why majority of the dragon eyes are blue? Is it possible to get the other colors that are available on the PYO? just floating this out in space….discuss


    You have a choice of eye color for PYOs. I’ve always assumed that eye color choice on the TPS was artists discretion. There have been a few eBay pieces where the buyer got to choose eye color after the auction was over. I have one of those griffins, but I liked the dark Smokey blue, so he has blue eyes. Most of Olympia Carpathia’s pieces had dicrotic eyes.

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    There is a group of us who dislike the blue eyes, or at least prefer other colors. However, if I remember correctly, Melody has said that dragons with blue eyes sell best. I expect that she is right.


    That would make sense why blue eye tend to dominate. I really like the blue eyes, so it’s never bothered me. At the end of the day we want Windstone to sell, sell, sell.

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    I’ve always adored the orange eyes on the original green and red fire color schemes. Black gold is an amazing color scheme and I’m very fond of it, but I sometimes look at my BG emperor and think “wow, if only they had orange or purple eyes instead of blue…” Probably a good thing they don’t, or I’d try to get the whole BG lineup!

    The tan eyes in the new stone color dragons really speak to me, too 🙂


    I might have bought a BG OW with purple eyes, but orange would have turned me off. The blue eyes really tie in the cool colorscape of BG for me. Technically BG uses warmer colors, but he’s always seemed like a cooler color red dragon….maybe because his colors are muted.

    I have a few orange eyed pieces, but not many. This is really interesting. I’ve never thought about color preference before, I just buy what I like.

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    I have begun to shy away from blue eyes simply because there are so many of them.

    I want all of my items of similar sculpt to have different eye colors (grab bags).

    At one point I had 6 Bantam dragons and 3 had the same blue eyes (2 normal colored tigers of different types and one mystery rainbow tiger) and I traded two for different colors.

    I had 2 GBW Ori dragons with identical blue eyes and ended up trading one.

    Blue eyes are gorgeous but they’re so common it sometimes looks a little repetitive when you look in your case and half your pieces have blue eyes (again, not as a family set but as random grab bag items).

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    I’m in the “dislike/extremely tired of seeing blue eyes” club. At first I didn’t mind them, but then I started downright hating them. I now actively avoid sculptures with blue eyes and will not purchase a sculpture if they have any color of blue eyes.

    Black gold is my favorite color scheme, but I hate that they have blue eyes. I remember Melody saying something that the first BG test paint was done on a dragon that was previously painted, that already had blue eyes attached (due to whatever he was painted beforehand) and that’s why the BG have blue eyes. Sorry, but that’s an awful reason, in my opinion, to give them blue eyes when pretty much any other color would have suited them better.

    But if blue eyes sell best, I cannot fault windstone for that. Saves me a helluva lotta money too 🙂


    I have very good luck at trading stuff I have with blue yes so it must be true that they are generally popular.

    I don’t mind ending up with a blue eyed grab bag because it usually means I can trade it for something more specific I want 😁

    So it looks like it all works out in the end.

    I remember seeing somewhere on here that someone swapped their ponycorns eyes out for a different color at home.

    Does this put the sculpt in the same category as a repaint? Is this something we can do without harming the piece or decreasing its value?

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    If you modify a piece like that I would consider it altered and thus not worth as much as a sculpture in its original condition. This would also hold true for insurance purposes. However, if it’s your piece and you don’t intend to part with it what you do to it is your business. Something like should be disclosed though at a sale because it is no longer the way it was produced at the factory.

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    Changing eyes certainly doesnt equate to repaint status but perhaps such an alteration would bring it to modified/repaired status. It would depend on the collector and whether or not they care, but it should be disclosed upon resale.

    That being said, I expect there is no way to really track eye swaps in grab bag pieces. Production and ebay pieces are easier, but back in the day you actually got your eye choice on ebay items (I actually have a hippogriff candlelamp I got bi-eyed) because I liked both the teal and the yellow eyes so we did one of each lol.

    I dont care if eyes get changed out personally, just as long as the person doesn’t damage the eye socket on the process. I’d expect it to decrease the value however. I also expect different collectors will have different opinions on the matter.

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    I know I have also read about someone removing and replacing an eye before because it was set a bit off. I think they used a drop of water to soften the glue. There is still the potential to damage the piece though. I agree about the BG dragons though. They would look better with red, orange, purple or gold eyes. That being said, I think the violet flame would look better with blue eyes that matched the blue antiquing in the violet areas. I feel like it would make the color stand out more.


    This. I wanted to really like black gold, but the blue eyes just did NOT work with that scheme for me. Red, orange or gold would work better I think. And royal blue eyes would have been stunning on the violet flames. I’d like that shade rather than the so-common mid blue.

    I’m not a blue hater (though maybe some other shades of blue can get some love sometime? it would still be blue if that’s what sells best) but I will admit to in general preferring orange, red or gold on dragons- they seem more ‘real’ reptilian colors. It all really depends on the paint scheme though.

    I think letting the buyer choose the eye color ended up being too much work they said, besides risking damage to an already sold piece.

    Maybe they can ask for votes on eye color along with names if/when they show new test paints?


    Gina actually did an eye color poll on Facebook for the “Cosmic Rust” dragons. These are the results:

    light turquoise metallic – 46 votes
    metallic silver – 28 votes
    metallic orange – 20 votes
    light yellow metallic – 11 votes
    medium metallic blue – 7 votes
    aqua metallic – 6 votes
    dark green – 4 votes
    light red – 3 votes
    dark red – 3 votes
    dark metallic silver – 2 votes
    light green – 2 votes
    metallic tan – no votes

    Gina said that Facebook has made it harder to do polls and she probably won’t do it again.


    Another answer to your question, of course, is that Windstone has made a number of colors that don’t have blue eyes. Some are retired and some are not in stock at the moment:
    the original green dragons have orange eyes
    Ruby dragons – red eyes
    Emerald – red eyes (or rarely orange eyes in older dragons)
    Gold – red eyes
    The oldest Copper Patina dragons have red eyes
    Violet Flame – red eyes
    Red fire – gold eyes
    white – yellow eyes
    Amethyst – orange eyes
    Lavender Pearl – lavender eyes
    Elven – silver eyes
    Shell Pink – silver eyes
    Stone – tan eyes

    What have I forgotten?
    Ebay is the best place to find many of these colors. It does take patience (and sometimes a lot of money).

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