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      I think that empress is for sale in the flea market.

      Looking for Blue Fawn Baby Kirin
      Sanguine Oriental Test Paints, kinglet
      Sun Dragon Koi #3


        I just saw that! I guess this one wasn’t the only one, that person says there was a couple. I wonder if it is the same one though.

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        Wampus Dragon

          I keep hearing there’s at least three. And also heard of what might have been a Jade kinglet too.


            So far the three jade empresses I know about are that one in that photo, the one leigha had a while back and the one I got off ebay about a year ago. I also have an emperor that is (what I think) halfway between jade and emerald. He is pretty dark and doesn’t have the lighter emerald green on him or the golden jade highlight either. I have my empress up for trade but I’m getting sad about the idea of splitting up my jade trio so I may be holding on to her


              Pics of your emp?


                I’ll email them to you if you’d like, and then you can post them here. I haven’t had time to figure out pictures on the new forum(plus re-sizing is a pain in the butt) 😛


                  You can email them to ebay@windstoneeditions.com


                    K i’ll try to get some tomorrow or by saturday. I have a few now but i’d like to get some better ones


                      I have both a “jade” and an Emerald scratcher, will get pics of them tomorrow and add it to the stuff I am uploading for all to see a comparison of the two. You can certainly see a difference in the two that I have, no doubt about it. Just hope the pics come out as well. I will keep taking until I have several to choose from and load them and see which ones look best for here.

                      Here are my pair of Scratchers:
                      Emerald vs Jade:
                      Emerald vs Jade re-sized 1
                      Emerald vs Jade resized 2


                        I have a jade oriental. One of my favorites!

                      Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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