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    A bit late, but here is my second bantam, #87. He fits in very nicely with my emeralds and reds, almost like an autumn leaf color scheme. And ’87 is my birth year, so I was happy to get him 🙂



    Lovely color!! And I love his pedestal LOL!!


    Thanks for pointing me to the photos Siberakh1, looks like you’ve got one of the ‘lava’ dragon siblings too 🙂 I think the clone of 165 ended up with more of an obvious blue or green wash on its scales, but I love the blending of colors on yours. Especially the blue-purple parts! Thanks again for sharing photos.

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    I was able to add two more Bantams from the leftovers. I was trying for a blue dragon and a green dragon. Here is 56B. It’s actually more of a teal in person, but photographs as more of a Caribbean blue.


    I hoped for the 154 clone, but my second Bantam leftover is 15 original. There are elements of rainbow to it and, as it seems with all of the dragons I have gotten from this kickstarter, prettier in person. I am happy they flew my direction. 🙂


    A few more photos that couldn’t fit in the previous posts. Definitely happy with my lovely little dragonlings. <3 Thank you, Melody! ^_^


    Beautiful collection, siberakh1!


    I just received an email announcement that production color Bantams are in the store. Color are white, brown, peacock, emerald, Black Gold, and Rainbow.

    Link to store page for the Bantams:


    Yes! I may have to get a Rainbow Bantam sometime in the future…. ^_^

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    Oooof! I’d love to get a Brown one but I just got smacked with a great big vet bill. Hopefully they stick around for a while.

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    Thank you so much for the update! I totally missed the email.

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    Oooof! I’d love to get a Brown one but I just got smacked with a great big vet bill. Hopefully they stick around for a while.

    My sympathies — I just got hit with one too. This year is bad enough already, it can leave my cat alone. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did still buy one of the new Bantams, a Peacock.



    A Peacock Bantam will coming to a home near me! Super excited. The Peacocks are the only production family I purposely collect. Everything else is eclectic.

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    I couldn’t resist taking the last rainbow bantam. I was showing my bf how the newly stocked bantams looked and telling him I liked the rainbow best. It was out of stock a moment before, then another one likely fell off someone’s cart. I was fighting with myself because I’d just paid my taxes and Chicago seems to think owning your own roof means you’re rich so they can tax the hell out of you. My bf said, “You can get it, you know you will anyway and you’ve been looking for more colorful ones like it for weeks. And you know I won’t be upset. And it costs less than the others, too.”

    Bless the man. He’s a keeper! ❤

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