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    Artist Name: moonbeam (Aeyolin on Deviantart) Sarah B.

    Artist Contact Info:
    I´m not comfortable sharing my e-mail on a forum, so please send me a message and I will send you my contact e-mail there.

    PYO Painting Rates:
    Prices depend completely on the complexity of your piece.
    Let me know what you have in mind and I will give you a quote.

    Sculpture__________________Painting Only (starting at)
    Griffin —————————– EUR 150
    Kirin ——————————- EUR 110
    Kirin (fancy) ——————— EUR 130
    Dragon (small) —————— EUR 110
    Wolf ——————————– EUR 130
    Keeper (big dragon) ———– EUR 200
    Unicorn ————————— EUR 150
    Phoenix ————————— EUR 130
    Foo Puppy ———————— EUR 50
    Foo-Dog (adult) —————— EUR 180
    Kitsune —————————- EUR 90
    Kitty Griffin ———————– EUR 90
    Long Hair Flap Cat ————– EUR 130
    Hippocampus ——————– EUR 150
    Rock dragon ———————EUR 170

    Please note, since I live in Germany all prices are in EURO!

    Type of paint/materials used:
    I´m using mostly liquitex acrylic paint and a semi glossy finish on all my pieces.

    Shipping method :
    I´m using DHL and of course your piece will be double boxed. 🙂

    Shipping rates/insurance:
    Shipping rate depends on your location in the world.
    But please note: at the moment (due to covid) shipping to the US costs EUR 53 with premium shipping (insured up to EUR 500 and with tracking#) that should arrive within 2-4 weeks. I can send things without premium for about EUR 20 but that easily takes 2 months to arrive since it will be shipped with seamail (with tracking# but only insured up to EUR 50).

    Ships to:

    Terms of Service:
    * You let me know what you have in mind and I send you a quote.
    * If you are ok with it I will sketch out the color and send you a picture for approval.
    * If you like it you order the sculpture from the Windstone Store and have it send to me.
    NOTE: I consider this my down payment! If you decide to cancel the commission after ordering the figurine I will keep it. But I won´t charge you for the paintjob IF I have not done a lot of painting on it yet
    Should you cancel near the end and I already painted most of the figurine I will charge 50% of the agreed paint-job price!!
    * You will get update pictures from me so you know how far along I am.
    * Once I finish and you approve the final picture I will send you a paypal invoice for the paintjob and shipping.
    * Please pay within 3 days.
    * I ship the figurine to you.

    *** Samples of my work ***
    My PYO Gallery


    Artist Name: Brock “Hardy” Stone / Kevlar Unicorn

    Artist Contact Info: All my contact info is on my site at The best way to reach me is email at

    PYO Painting Rates:
    I have two tiers. “Artistic Liberty” and “Prompted.”
    Artistic Liberty – You may pick a very broad theme of no more than three words (ex: Spring Flowers) or give me a few colors you like OR dislike (ex: “I love yellow and pink!” or “I don’t like browns.”) and I will create something fantastic for you!

    Prompted – You give me a mood board, a specific picture, or something else more closely specified. You could say “I want a medieval theme!” Or “Make it look like a sprinkle donut!” I will still retain some artistic liberty here, but you will have increased input.

    Sculpture__________________Artistic Liberty__________________Prompted
    Griffin____________________ $195 _______________ $245
    Kirin______________________ $220 _______________ $265
    Fancy Kirin________________ $270 _______________ $325
    Dragon (small)_____________ $235 _______________ $285
    Wolf_______________________ $215 _______________ $265
    Keeper (big dragon)________ $375 _______________ $450
    Unicorn____________________ $175 _______________ $225
    Phoenix____________________ $195 _______________ $245
    Muse_______________________ $210 _______________ $260
    Rock Dragon________________ $325 _______________ $395
    Oriental Dragon____________ $450 _______________ $525
    Fu Puppy___________________ $65 _______________ $95
    Mother or Father Foo_______ $295 _______________ $350
    Flap Cats (either model)___ $195 _______________ $245
    Kitsune____________________ $120 _______________ $175
    Kitty Griffin______________ $110 _______________ $165
    Hen or Rooster_____________ $120 _______________ $165
    Hippocampus________________ $275 _______________ $350
    Maneki Neko (either)_______ $135 _______________ $185

    Materials/Techniques: I use a combination of airbrush, bristle brush, and antiquing on my pieces. I also sometimes dye pieces using natural dyes such as onion skin, avocado, coffee, or tea before adding painted details and antiquing. They are all sealed at least twice under UV resistant clear coat, either matte or gloss. Gems and eyes are set with high strength superglue.

    Pet portraits: I will do pet portraits, but please be aware that that will be above the cost of a “prompted” piece due to the intense specificity of accurately rendering a beloved pet.

    Original Characters/Fursonas/Etc: I can and will render characters of your design, including fursonas etc. This again will fall above the price range of “prompted” pieces. I will require clear references of the character desired and the price will vary depending upon complexity.

    Payment: I

      will NOT

    accept PayPal due to their high fees and seller-hostile policies. I send email invoices via Square. If you are not familiar, Square is just a credit card payment platform. You do not need an account. You can pay via card or ACH (bank transfer). I do not see your information aside from your shipping address that you supply yourself. If you’re thinking you’ve never seen Square, you probably have; they are frequently used by small businesses as a point of sale.

    Shipping: I ship double boxed, with the original packaging included. I prefer UPS but I will also ship with USPS if commissioner prefers. Insurance is not optional and is at buyer’s expense. I can include signature service at additional cost. I use PirateShip to minimize costs to you.

    Ships to: I will ship anywhere in the world. HOWEVER, buyer is responsible for customs fees. I will not lie on customs forms about the value of the package, nor will I mark it a gift. Please be willing and prepared to pay appropriate fees and understand that I have no control over this.

    Artist location: Maryland, USA

    Terms of Service
    My work usually takes no more than three months to complete. I keep a small queue. If I don’t give you an estimated completion date, please ask.

    If I am not finished within six months of final payment, you have the right to request a full refund if you no longer wish to wait. Understand that this will mean that I sell your finished piece publicly with or without alterations to the design. (I will alter designs of personal significance such as pet portraits or original characters.)

    I will generally provide a few WIP pictures. I do ask that if you have something about a design or work that really bugs you, ESPECIALLY for more detailed things like pet portraits/OCs, please speak up. I will usually do my best to make something work for you, so long as it isn’t an aggressive redo.

    Please remember what level of commission you chose, and understand that something can evolve in looks along the way. I will not dramatically redo an artistic liberty piece just for the reason of disliking it. However, you are always welcome to trade or resell a finished piece once you receive it. I understand that we don’t all share the same taste and sometimes a piece doesn’t “grab” you.

    Choosing commissions is at my discretion. I will usually accept a huge range of designs and inspirations! Many of the sculpts I haven’t painted yet are priced low because I would like to try them out.

    Pricing: The pricing above is reflective of my prices as of the “last edited” date. Please be mindful that my prices may have gone up if it has been a long time since I edited. Sometimes I’ll discover a sculpt is more complicated than I realized, or sometimes I am just in higher demand at the time.

    Sculpt Supply: Remember to be aware of what’s available in the shop! I will accept a sculpt from you to paint, but please note that once you ship it to me, it is mine until I have finished it and sent it to you. In the event of a refund, I will “buy” it back from you. I prefer not to take on commissions for sculpts not in the shop, as that will put stress on me to try and snatch one when it comes into stock, plus we never know when they’ll pop!

    I have not yet had to employ this within the Windstone community because everyone here is incredibly gracious, but: I reserve the right to cancel and fully refund a commission at any time if I feel we are not working well together (I will pay current store price for any sculpts sent to me, plus reasonable shipping). I do my absolute best to make someone happy, often going well over time to get things satisfactory. That said, if I feel I am being mistreated or that I just cannot produce something you will be satisfied with, I will not continue with the working relationship.

    Last Updated: 04/14/2022



    Check out my art at!

    Makita Utz

    Artist Name: Makita Utz

    Artist Contact Info:
    Facebook messenger preferred for speed, but feel free to contact me at

    PYO Painting Rates:
    I will paint any PYO sculpt, though rock dragons are my forte. My fee is simply that you cover all shipping costs and send an extra PYO of my choice to keep for myself. I will always try to choose a PYO of equal or lesser cost for myself.

    Type(s) of paint/materials used:
    Acrylic paints, pigment powders

    Are pet portraits offered (when applicable): yes

    Shipping method : Always double boxed in original W.E. packaging

    Shipping rates/insurance: Exact shipping costs through UPS

    Ships to : United States

    Artist location: S.E. Illinois

    Do you take payment plans or have any “Terms of Service”: No payment plans.

    I accept PayPal only, or you can pay for the shipping label yourself on the UPS website and email it to me

    *** Samples of work ***
    Please feel free to view my other works on the Windstone Editions Fan Club page on Facebook

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