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    Looking for the OLD thread? See it here:
    It is time for a fresh one!

    PYO is an acronym for “Paint Your Own”! This is a distinct line produced by Windstone Editions, that come unpainted with the intention that collectors may paint them how they wish.

    PYO painters, feel free to post your information about doing custom paint jobs. You’re encouraged to use the ‘form’ below to help standardize things a bit and allow for less confusion, but it is not required if you don’t wish to do so.


    *Offering custom paint jobs on Windstones that are not sold as “Paint Your Own” is not allowed on our Official forums. These are considered “repaints”. Repaints are heavily discouraged, officially.

    *Offering to replicate “official” paint jobs on a PYO is not allowed. If you are not sure about what is “too close” or not, please contact John. Please remember that intentionally replicating an existing, official paint job is a violation of Windstone’s legal rights. Examples of official colors include but are not limited to: “Peacock” (as on a Windstone, not a bird), “Black Gold” (as on a Windstone, not jewelry), “Autumn Leaf” (as on a Windstone, not nature), etc.

    *Major modifications of PYOs is generally not allowed; if you are unsure, please ask John or Melody directly.

    This thread is for custom commission info only- please use other threads to advertise your completed pieces!

    IMPORTANT LEGAL STUFF: The information below and services provided by individuals on this forum in no way reflects or are associated with Windstone Editions or it’s staff. Windstone claims no responsibility for the information or services posted by the users of the forum. Basically, remember that any problems you may have with a commissioner or client are that person one on one and Windstone isn’t involved or responsible. Thanks!!


    Artist Name:

    Artist Contact Info:
    (You should at least give an email address, but you can include: email, messengers, etc – please use private communication methods to share any personal info like your physical address!)

    PYO Painting Rates:
    (Indicate if: the price range if the price is dependent on the complexity of the color scheme, or if your rates are static, or if you only list your ‘base’ rate, etc. If you are uncomfortable setting a rate, specify “please contact for a quote”.)

    Sculpture__________________Painting Only__________________Painting + Sculpture

    Griffin____________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Kirin______________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Dragon (small)_____________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Wolf_______________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Keeper (big dragon)________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Unicorn____________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Phoenix____________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here
    Muse_______________________Your Rate here _______________ Your Rate here

    (the following is optional, use as much or as little info as you want)

    Type(s) of paint/materials used(e.g., acrylic, pastel, marshmallows, etc):

    Brand(s) of paint used (e.g., Golden):

    Are pet portraits offered (when applicable):

    Shipping method (e.g., double boxed, UPS only, etc):

    Shipping rates/insurance (Exact, or do you add a packing fee?):

    Ships to (US, North America, Woldwide, etc):

    Artist location
    (e.g. “California”, or “U.K.”for shipping purposes):

    Do you take payment plans or have any “Terms of Service”:

    *** Samples of work ***
    (PLEASE limit to 3 images! If you have additional samples, please use links only.)

    Other comments:

    Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at
    My art:


    Artist Name: Prezaurian

    Artist Contact Info: E-mail me to contact. You can e-mail me at prezaurian [at] hotmail (dot) com. My junk mail filter is strict so put a clear topic regarding a commission in the topic line so I don’t miss your e-mail!

    Commission acceptance status: Open

    PYO Painting Rates:
    Rates vary according to complexity of the paint scheme. I offer a small discount if it’s my first time painting a particular sculpt ($15 discount).

    Sculpture —————–——– Painting
    Griffin —————————– $155 – $258
    Kirin ——————————- $119 – $180
    Kirin (fancy) ——————— $139 – $200
    Dragon (small) —————— $129 – $200
    Wolf ——————————– $113 – $196
    Keeper (big dragon) ———– $180 – $283
    Unicorn ————————— $139 – $206
    Phoenix ————————— $118 – $206
    Muse* —————————– n/a
    Foo Puppy ———————— $47 – $67
    Foo-Dog (adult) —————— $196 – $283
    Kitsune —————————- $52 – $77
    Kitty Griffin ———————– $52 – $77
    Long Hair Flap Cat ————– $118 – $200
    Short Hair Flap Cat** ———- n/a
    Winged Bookend (single) —— $103 – $154
    Oriental Dragon** ————– n/a
    Hippocampus ——————– $118 – $206
    Sushi Cat (Neko) Female*** — $54 – $283
    Sushi Cat (Neko) Male*** ——- $54 – $283
    Hen ———————————– $52 – $77

    *I will not paint the Muse for commission. This is personal preference.
    **This sculpt is not available yet. So I have no pricing information at this time.
    ***Pricing is unique for this sculpt. Because its surface is super smooth, it allows for complex images to be painted on it. The higher part of the price range is for illustrated images.

    Type of paint/materials used: Acrylics, Interference, color change/magic, Pearl-Ex Powders, standard synthetic brushes and toothpicks. I use brush on sealers that are UV resistant.

    Brand of paint used: Galleria, Liquitex, Golden, Spaz-Stix (on request), color shift powder pigments and a small number of miscellaneous acrylics (Americana, etc).

    Are pet portraits offered?: Yes, but I will need clear pictures of both sides of your pet.

    Do you do duplicates of other’s commissions/paint schemes?: No. If you commission me, I will not duplicate your original idea/paint scheme for someone else. I do not duplicate other artist’s paint schemes knowingly. I will duplicate my OWN previously existing paint schemes. i.e. I would duplicate paint schemes like ‘Nebula’ or ‘Forests of the Night’ because they’re mine.

    Do you do production piece repaints on commission?: No. I only do repaints for myself. However, I am willing to duplicate any of my repaint’s paint schemes on PYO pieces. i.e. I would be willing to duplicate ‘Star Heart’s’ paint scheme on a PYO.

    Shipping method: Double-boxed. Bubble wrap & peanuts. In the packaging I get the sculpt in.

    Shipping rates/insurance: Tracking & insurance required. I use USPS/UPS and ship from the zipcode of 30907. I will charge a flat rate of $21/item. If I do not use all the s/h money for shipping costs I will refund the difference.

    Ships to: US & Canada

    Artist location: Georgia, USA

    Other comments: I work with the eyes/gem stones that are provided by Windstone Editions unless it’s something I painted outside of a commission. If you want other eyes/gem stones, you will have to cover the additional costs. My painting speed varies depending upon my work/life schedule and complexity of the paint scheme. I will give a rough estimate of completion time when you contact me and describe what it is you want.

    Payment Methods & “Terms of Service”: I accept Paypal. When you pay me, please use the ‘paying for goods/services’ option. I accept payment for commissions in installments if you want, just let me know you want to do that when you first contact me. Payments must be completed within a reasonable amount of time that we can settle on after your initial contact.

    On all commissions there must be a non-refundable down payment. Down payment is sending me the sculpture you want painted or the cost of the sculpture + s/h. I subtract the down payment from the total cost of the commission. So if you send me a sculpt straight from Windstone, I will subtract the amount on the invoice from the cost of the commission. If I will be ordering the sculpt, please let me know what color eyes/gems you want so I can get the correct ones. I don’t have spares!

    I will send progress pictures to you via e-mail if you wish. Initially, these can look messy. It’s not a disaster so please don’t panic. It’s just the nature of how I paint with washes. If something happens, I will let you know and we can proceed from there. If I finish ahead of schedule on a large commission I will patiently wait until the planned end of the installment payments. The lines of communication are always open. If I don’t respond promptly (within a week) to e-mail, something has happened to me. Never hesitate to contact me with concerns.

    Once full payment has been completed, I will ship the item/items and provide you with tracking information.

    If you change your mind on a commission, I reserve the right to keep or sell it to cover costs. My finances CAN’T afford mistakes or changes of heart. Also note, any payment you send OUTSIDE of the down payment will be refunded if you choose to cancel a commission. I will also give a refund if the unthinkable happens and the sculpt breaks during shipping (but you must provide proof via photo).

    I will not accept trades as a form of payment for commission.

    *** Links to samples of work ***
    Windstone Forum Thread:
    deviantART PYO Windstone Gallery:


    Artist Name : grayfire artz (sasha Schoenneman)
    aka toshiami on deviantart

    Artist Contact Info: My email is you can also send me a note over Deviantart or PM me on here.
    Artist Location: Rio Vista,California,94571

    NOTE: Pricing is dependent on the details that you want and how complex the design. Please ask this in an email so i can give you a better pricing based on what you are wanting, These prices are pretty basic though and should cover most paint jobs.Also, price of the PYO are included in the commision prices listed already.

    Sculpture —————–——– Painting

    Dragon (small) —————— $115-200

    Wolf ——————————– $100-200

    Keeper (big dragon) ———– $150-300

    Phoenix ————————— $110-175

    Foo Puppy ———————— $50-90

    Foo-Dog (adult) —————— $150-300

    Kitsune —————————- $50-100

    Kitty Griffin ———————– $50-100

    Long Hair Flap Cat ————– $110-200

    Short Hair Flap Cat** ———- n/a

    Oriental Dragon** ————– n/a

    Hippocampus ——————– $100-175

    Hen ———————————– $50-110

    for all pieces provided for me to paint by buyer cost of sculpture will be subtracted from painting cost.

    i will also accept partial trade and payments.


    Type(s) of paint used(e.g., acrylic): Acrylic paint
    Brand(s) of paint used (e.g., Golden): Winsor and Newton Finity acrylics,Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylics(these are metalic paints), Golden brand Interference, and krylon finnishing spray

    Shipping method (e.g., double boxed): double boxed with origional box
    Shipping rates/insurance: I use Fedex to ship. they inculde Liability automaticly when you ship. This means that if anything happens that is thier fault, they will repay the vaullue of the item automaticly.Shipping is $13.
    Ships to: Just about anywhere, at the buyers expense.(buyer can also chose what service they want to use for shiping also)
    Payment Method: I take Check in the Mail or Money order. I just got a paypal account so that is optional for payment too.
    I will take instalments. payment for the shipping and cost of the windstone must be payed first before i start painting.


    Name: Rosanna P. Brost (‘Rosy’)

    Artist Contact Info: You may contact me for commissions in a number of ways, but the best ways to contact me primarily by email ( You can also contact me here or on Tumblr (

    Commission acceptance status: OPEN – I will take one commission at a time. I have other priorities, so I’ll be taking these on a case-by-case basis. ?

    PYO Painting Rates:

    All rates are in USD and include the sculpt. Rates do not include shipping!

    Foo Puppy…………….$50
    Dragon (small)………..$150
    Keeper (big dragon)……$200
    Adult Foo Dog…………$200

    Custom Eyes………….+$15

    Please allow at least three months for completion; this accounts for the time it takes for the sculpt to ship to me and gives me plenty of time to paint it. Once I get a commission I make it my first priority, so depending on time of year it will probably be finished much faster than that. I will not work on commissions during the months of November and December due to holiday constraints. For custom eyes I buy blanks (‘flints’) from Van Dyke’s Taxidermy Supply and paint them with acrylics; these especially look awesome on ‘predatory’ sculpts like flap cats, dragons and winged wolves because I use interference paint on them. (It gives them that cool shadowy look that real predators’ eyes have!)

    Note that I put interference paint and antiquing on pretty much everything. If you are ‘allergic’ to either, let me know, otherwise your piece will most likely have both. I also put metallic paint on pretty much everything too, but this ain’t optional haha. ?

    Type: Acrylic

    I use a variety. Folk Art, Americana, Apple Barrel, Golden Fluid Acrylics (primarily interference) and Windsor & Newton Gloss Medium.

    Pet Portraits: I have the right to refuse of course, but certainly, so long as you provide lots of reference images (the more you provide the more accurate I can make it!) and keep in mind that it’ll never be a perfect look alike and that some artistic license will always be taken. For references I absolutely require at least one very clear side view shot (with clear view of all four feet) and a front shot so that I can see facial markings. I also need to be able to see what the tail looks like.

    Here are some examples of references that I consider good:

    Side view:

    Front view (primarily a clear view of the face):

    For animals with complicated markings (spotted, appaloosa, pinto or paint) I require clear side view references of both sides of the individual. In this case a ‘butt shot’ would probably be appreciated too.

    Shipping method:
    I ship Canada Post with insurance and tracking in original packaging, double boxed with packing peanuts. ? Shipping is determined on a case-by-case basis via Canada Post’s website. I ship worldwide so long as you understand that it’ll cost more for me to ship to you if you don’t live in North America! (Which is why I don’t ship worldwide on swaps… I once had to ship a copy of my book to an obscure European country and the charge was, shall I say, quite painful.)

    Artist location: British Columbia, Canada.

    Other comments: I prefer painting naturalistic animal schemes (‘safari’ or ‘domestic’), but I’ll paint anything in a tabby/tiger scheme haha! ? (Especially on a dragon. Flame tabby? Sure! Purple tabby dragon? Heck yes! :D) I am happy to paint sculpts in schemes that I have used before although they will never be exactly alike to the first version. I am not really interested in painting schemes based upon plants but if the plant in question has interesting markings then I might consider it. I am also not really interested on painting things based on geology or forces of nature. I will ot paint schemes based on characters in pop culture (Naruto, TLOZ, Pokemon) but I will consider painting schemes based on your own original characters, providing that you send me good reference material! (See pet portrait notes above.) I don’t like painting impressionistic stuff, sorry. I will consider painting stuff based on my own original species if you really want a falcolf schemed winged wolf or something. Please be clear about what your heart desires! ?

    Payment and Terms of Service: I require at least 50% up front so that I can order the sculpt (this is non-refundable) and I will not begin painting until I have 100% of the commission fee. I require 100% up front on foo puppies. Due to the fact that it takes time for sculpts to ship to me from Windstone and I am financially incapable of keeping PYOs in stock at my house, I cannot rush orders so please commission me well in advance for gifts. I will not make any alterations of any kind to the sculpt and I do not do repairs at this time, nor repaints.

    I prefer paypal but I will take money orders too. I do not take deviantART points!

    YES!* I will gladly trade commission services for blank PYOs (since I can’t usually afford them otherwise and I LOVE painting these things.) I will also trade for pebble animals; especially AWD sitting foxes (GRAIL!), cougars, GB sitting foxes, GB bat eared foxes (especially AWD,) grey foxes, fennecs and GB lady cats. Hoppy poads are also pretty darn exciting for me. (Near-grail status.) I’d really like a baby dragon.

    *Well, most of the time. Right now in particular I can’t really afford to buy any Windstones of any kind from the store, even PYOs (except for maaaaybe foo pups.) The only trade I can currently make is a commission in return for blank PYOs (you’d still pay shipping.) The weak Canadian dollar is making my Windstone addiction pretty unaffordable, sigh. Even a small dragon is like $75 for me with shipping… nope.

    PYO Gallery:

    My Thread:

    Check out my finished artwork at and my sketch/studio blog at



    I am closing my PYO Windstone commissions. Thank you.


    I am always open for commissions.I do not charge more than $125 for any sculpt,less for smaller ones.You send me the blank.Many times I offer a blank for myself as my payment.If interested please pm me.I have lots of pictures.I do portrait pieces also.I have examples of my work in the PYO MEMBER GALLERY and in the PYO Thread under Hippocampus x3.Thank you.

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)




    I am always available to paint for you.My prices are very flexible.Pm or email me anytime.😊

    "Perhaps we should all be examining what we think we know."D.Stormborn
    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    I think maybe we need a new thread for this… this one’s been running since 2016, and now that we can’t edit posts there’s probably a lot of out-of-date information.

    Interested in buying or trading for: GB Pebble Sitting Red Fox in grey, Lap Dragon Test Paints (Pearl Steel Blue, Opulence, Pastel Rainbow, others), production Lap Dragons with minor to moderate damage, and Griffins in Black Rainbow or Frosted Jade.


    Someone would have to unpin this one so the old info isn’t stuck at the top.

    Looking for...

    Sitting young oriental dragon koi gold and white


    This thread is painfully out of date. That being said, after a long hiatus I’ve decided to reopen for commissions. However my old list of prices is woefully out of date. I’ll have to redo it.

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