Antiquing stripped my paint from my PYO!!

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      Hey there….I used to antique all the time, but it has been about a decade….. I gave it a go for the swap….and ruined my piece. ๐Ÿ™

      I was at the point where I wanted to antique the majority of it. I mixed the paint and antiquing glaze 1:1 just like the instructions said. Brushed it on….wiped it off–and it took all the paint off with it!! So, it’s antiqued now…but all my painting is about gone. Anyone have any ideas as to what happened??

      And, do you think I could lay a light coat of clear before antiquing? Would that solve my problem? I thought I was way ahead in this whole swap thing…. ๐Ÿ˜›


        I always clear coat once the paint is dry before I move onto antiquing. And then clear coat again once the gel dries. I wiped off paint one too many times the other way.


          That sucks =(

          I think Melody stated that they clear coat their production pieces before antiquing, so its definitely an option. It’ll require clear coating it again once the antiquing gel dries. I’m not sure if that will solve your problem, though.

          As for why the paint originally wiped off, I’m not sure. Did the paint have ample time to dry before attempting to antique? I may be overly cautious, as I let the piece dry at least a couple days before antiquing. Maybe someone else can be more helpful.

          ETA: I found this thread from 2007, which half way down talks about members paint rubbing off their PYOs when they antique. It was recommended to clear coat first:


            Okay, I did a search and found about 12 threads specifically discussing antiquing (and I read them all, no Friday night life). Anyways, here is Windstones process for antiquing:

            Duh, now I know why I remember Windstone’s process. I asked the question! Hopefully it is helpful in some way. I can also link to the other threads if you want some bedtime reading.


              I clear coat my pieces before antiquing them. That could be the problem?


                Clear coating the piece definitely helps with the antiquing process!
                I would just say that no matter what, be gentle when you antique. Even after clear coating, I have rubbed paint off from being too diligent! Use a sponge or soft paper towel, and don’t rub too hard, and you should be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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                  Gloss clear coat specifically seems to do well with the whole antiquing thing.


                    What kind of paint did you use? What brand? Did you thin it at all? Did you paint directly onto the gypsum?

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                      Thanks so much everyone! I feel like a dunce.

                      The paint was about two days dry before I antiqued, so that wasn’t the problem. My paints are actually not great…..I should sprung for a more expensive brand. I did paint directly onto the gypsum. It takes about three coats to get a saturated color. So you can imagine how much work I just wiped away…..I think I was 12 hours in??

                      I will DEFINITELY clear coat before antiquing next time. I sure appreciate everyone’s responses….thanks again!

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