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    This shows you that even careful wrappers can have broken ones, although if it was wrapped careful there is less complaints, ones not so carefully or put in a brick as someone says, ugg. So sad when any of them get broken, hmm maybe should start a new forum area called infirmary for us to show all the broken ones. Might explain to some visitors here why we are so concerned with how they are wrapped. Does not need to include how it was wrapped just what happens to them during shipping.
    Red Lap broken claw 3
    Red Lap chipped wing
    Emerald Scratcher broken claw 6
    Emerald Scratcher broken claw 8
    Green Lap Broken & Chipped 6
    Green Lap Broken & Chipped 12


    Kyrin and Dragonfeathers definetly are the best that I’ve had experience with. You really can;t even tell where the pieces they’ve fixed for me are broken. That being said, Hannah’s right. Dragonfeathers is waaay backed up and Kyrin is MIA for a long time now. I think there were a few others who used to do repairs, but haven;t seen them around in a while either. My husband is a member on the forum too (never posts though.) He’s been doing work on repairing a few of mine and my roomate’s broken windstones. He’s getting pretty good, but not as good as the previously named yet. 🙂

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    We haven’t heard from Kyrin in quite a long time and last I heard she owes repairs from years ago still…

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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