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      I click remember me and on my phone it usually just lets me check the box and log in with no captchas. A couple times when I clicked log in too fast though it made me do the captchas a couple times and then logged in. One day it did it a lot and it annoyed me but now it isn’t again. So I don’t know how it works.

      As for spelling I’ve always spelled things the British way being in Canada. I kind of like the U in colour and words like that. But it is weird when I have US English spell checks on everything.

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        That’s so weird that everyone else has to go through these elaborate checks just to log in. All I have to do is click a checkbox that says “I’m not a robot”, and that’s it!


          I’m the same as Bullsquid-on both my desktop and this old Samsung tablet. And checking the ‘Remember Me’ box keeps me checked in the full 2 weeks no issue for both.

          Should this discussion be moved to Help & Feedback I wonder? Then Clay could see it.


            Perhaps so. I’m afraid the intricacies of keeping up to date on Captchas is outside my scope of knowledge. I’ll move it over there now.

            I also (Firefox, desktop PC) just have to click a “I’m not a Robot” Captcha. I’ve never had the one where you must click similar items (etc).

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              Yea I didn’t really mean it to be seen as a bug or something that needed Clay’s attention, it was just a random rant…. I do that a lot… LOL! It’s funny though it seems to have gotten a little better the past few days though.

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                I have to add my frustration with the recaptcha here, I guess. I’m not having as many problems as some people, but the has to be an easier and less finicky way! I have used other sites where the Captcha is a simple question, e.g. ‘What is 2*3’ or ‘If today is Tuesday, what day is tomorrow?’ These types of Captcha load a lot faster, since they don’t need images, and as a bonus they are easier for vision-impaired users (or other assistive-software users) to handle… Might be worth looking into?

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              Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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