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Dirty bottoms

This was a sign I put up in the painting dept of our first Windstone shop to encourage the painters to try to keep the bottoms of pieces clean. Fail.

Windstone has moved a twice. When we moved before, it was with a vow to change something about how we did stuff. The thing about our pieces that bugged us the most at the time was the condition of the bottoms! If you have an old brown or green dragon around, look at the underside and you’ll probably see what I mean. The bottoms were a mess. We simply couldn’t find a nice way to finish the bottoms to make them look good. If we painted them black ( we tried that ) they would show white specks and dirt, and then our stamp wouldn’t show. Leaving them light allowed messy paint marks to show.
Our first order of business after that first move was to find some way to make the bottoms nicer. One of our managers at the time, Steve, finally came up with the die cut, grey felt pads that we still use now.
We are still having bottom problems though. Now we are fighting the little white specks that appear around the pads on the bottom. These little white spots are from setting the newly painted pieces on the carts. We consider a few little white marks on the bottom to be “normal” but I would like to not ever see any of them! I vow to do something about the white specks!

3 thoughts on “Dirty bottoms

  1. hehe You can sure tell you have critters.

  2. you have no idea how hard I laughed at that pic! God it’s awesome…and totally understood…..The bottoms of plaster sculpts, and how to make them presentable…is something I’m constantly pecking at.

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