This is the raffle prize for March! Her name is is Crocus.

Crocus may not be the prettiest sounding name in the world, but a crocus is the very first flower to emerge out of the snow here! She is painted like the violet and coppery orange one that came up in our front yard a week or two ago. She is a herald of spring.

This is one of the first female griffins poured by the new casting team, Wendy and Chris, here in our Corvallis Oregon factory. There is allot to learn when casting these! This griffin became a test piece because the mold was over filled a bit, giving her a slightly thicker bottom.This first attempt at pouring came out very well otherwise; this piece actually has no pin holes even though they were using really old gypsum that was brought with us from California. That is a miracle! First miracle of spring.

The raffle for Crocus is for members of the Windstone Editions forum:
(someone needs to show me how to make a hyperlink so I don’t need to put this whole address in here)

If you have entered these before and would like to enter the March raffle for Crocus, just send me your forum name with March raffle in the subject line.
If you are a forum member and haven’t been in one of these raffles before, send me your forum name and your real name and address too, so I can keep track of you.
My email is reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
I will pick a winner at the end of March!