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Class pic of grab bag baby unicorns 8-2016

Lots of  bright fantasy unicorns! These guys are painted in various themes inspired by: nudibranchs, leaves, various fantasy zebra and tiger patterns, fish , feathers,  grapes, mosaics and more.

I posted these photos in my Deviantart gallery too, the images are bigger there:

class-pic--ginko-zebra-8-2016 class-pic-pink-forest--zebra-8-2016 class-pic--purple-leaves-8-2016


2 thoughts on “Class pic of grab bag baby unicorns 8-2016

  1. Hi Melody!!!

    OMG they are all stunning!!!

    I can only imagine the amount of love and time spent creating these masterpieces!!!!

    There is going to be a Virtual Stampede to get one of these treasures!!!!

    Thank you once again for bringing your creative genius into every piece and sharing with all of us to enjoy!!!

    Most Sincerely,


  2. They are all so gorgeous!

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