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Candy Corns

Here is the class photo of the crazy unicorn batch we just finished.!
Included in this pic are two individuals that weren’t on the “live stream”, and Hot Dog is somewhere else at the moment…

Wow. I just realized that if a new person read this, they wouldn’t have a clue what I am talking about, so here is an explanation for people that have just tuned in:

This is a group photo of the entire January 2012 batch of “Grab Bag” baby unicorns. This is a special edition that I hand paint individually; each one is different.
When you purchase one of these from our online store, the unicorn you receive is a mystery until you open the box!
“Hot Dog” is the name of one particular unicorn. He was named during a “live stream” broadcast we did of these guys being finished. He has not been included in this group shot.

17 thoughts on “Candy Corns

  1. THEY’RE AMAZING!!! I can’t get over how detailed they are! SQUEEEEAK!!! 😀

  2. I hope I can nab one! They’re lovely!

  3. Candy Corns… LOVE IT!!! And they all look so awesome!!! 😉 *I know I won’t be able to get one, but they are fun to look at*

  4. OMG these are all awesome! Like a bowl full of skittles!
    This is another time when I wish I wasn’t a poor student *cries*

  5. Valentine Candy . Very pretty . Maybe more like Easter .

  6. OMG….I spy two TIGER looking ones! :O Oh I hope I can snag one of them….! 😉

    I love this batch on baby grab bag unicorns, they all look awesome!

  7. Gosh they sure are a sight!

  8. They are so pretty! :love: Hope I manage to get one! :bigsmile:

  9. but I actually GOT ONE!!! So psyched, and I can’t wait to see what comes in my box! 🙂

  10. So excited! I can’t wait to see which one arrives for my new grandbaby Wayne who was born just today.

  11. These are all awesome and beautiful! Alas, I missed them in store, but I will be watching for photo updates as each one arrives!

  12. Oh they are GORGEOUS! I love the one with the rainbow unicorn like stripes. or at least I think that’s what it is! Fantastic little things, very well done!

  13. OMG, I love the Tigers and the rainbow zebras! <3 For some reason, I really like the way the black tiger at the bottom looks.

  14. Got a lovely rainbow zebra, pinto flavored, from the baby unicorn grab bag. He’s a keeper! Thanks for doing these guys. They are precious!

  15. can someone explain in simpler words how does one go about getting in on the grab bag items, love the pods, and unicorns :~

  16. can someone explain in simpler words how does one go about getting in on the grab bag items, love the pods, and unicorns :~

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