The Veligent – page 22

I fixed the missing word balloon in the previous page.
The process of coloring these black and white pages makes it possible for me to screw them up once again!
I appreciate you guys pointing out stuff!
( I forgot to add the decorations on Kade’s sleeve…his shirt keeps changing)

13 thoughts on “The Veligent – page 22

  1. Ugh got to wait to see until Thurs .

  2. Ahh.. I’m on the edge of my seat! Thursday’s far away.

  3. Wait, is that bouquet his transcript? That’s so cool!

  4. Yes. I always pictured completing a class as getting another flower to put in your bouquet.

  5. I believe that Beginning is spelled wrong.. I thought I’d mention it as you asked us to let you know. Very exciting otherwise and I am looking forward to what is coming.

  6. Thanks! I will fix it when I get home tonight.

  7. Your very welcome 🙂

  8. Is it Thursday yet????

  9. I assume STEM has a double meaning here….Science, Technology, Engineering and Math classes, as well as the stem of a plant. Very clever, Melody!

  10. Ha! I had heard it used, as in ” he is taking all stem classes”. I didn’t know that was what “stem” stood for! So I only get half credit for being clever.

  11. Not yet , but almost.

  12. I think we’ll give you full credit! I just love the whole bouquet/stem idea as a representation of classes! I wish I had half the imagination that you do!

  13. Macrame! My dad does a lot of macrame!

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