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April 2012 raffle

This is a quick snapshot of “Silver Tiger”, the prize for the April 2012 raffe. He is a Coiled dragon. He has been hand painted with black tiger stripes and white markings over an airbrushed silver body. He holds a dichroic crystal globe, and has blue eyes.

If you would like a chance to win Silver Tiger, email me with your forum name,real name and address (if you haven’t entered before) and the words “April 2012 raffle ” in the subject line. This is so I can search my hoplessly junk-fill inbox for your entries.

My Email is: reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com

Please don’t send your entry to me using “private message” on the forum, facebook, or notes on Deviantart, I will happily accept all entries if I find them, but I may not find them!

This is a free raffle for all members of the Windstone forum. We ship world wide.
If you have won a Windstone raffle prize in the past, no fair entering again (except for the 997 raffle which was special). You MAY enter again if you have given your prize to someone else, or sold it and donated the proceeds to charity or a needy cause. This is totally honor system, you don’t need to send reciepts or anything. I’ll take your word.
You are free to enter the “Quests” if you have won a raffle, and enter the raffle if you have won a quest.

I also make up rules on the fly, so if you have any weird questions about this you can email me at the above email address.
I will pick a winner on last day of the month around 5-6 pm PST, (unless I’m busy or something), and announce the name of the winner in the “Announcements”forum section.

4 thoughts on “April 2012 raffle

  1. Ahhh, love him! :love:

  2. Good luck people . she’s a little darling .

  3. Very handsome! Good luck to those that enter!

  4. Wow – very nice!

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