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11/12 Class photo of the Supernatural candy corns, grab bag unicorns

This is a small class this time, about half as many as I usually do! I will paint more of these soon as we get more castings.
These supernatural animal patterns include: rainbow tigers and zebras, candy color pintaloosas, lavender and gold quaggas and zorses, confetti appaloosas. Other general paint-barf combinations include a candy colored ziraffe, a lavender zombie quagga-zorse, and a green leopard/ pinto.
They have golden plated pewter horns and a variety of colors of glass eyes. They will be put in the store real soon, but not sure when.

Kiya put a jillion more pics of this batch of unis on our Windstone facebook page:

7 thoughts on “11/12 Class photo of the Supernatural candy corns, grab bag unicorns


  2. HAHAHA I SEE THE TRONCORN! 😀 This class is so colourful, I love it!

  3. oh they’re all so pretty! I am in love with the various rainbow stripes! I especially like the one on the far left of the circle with the blue colored head and brighter butt haha

  4. ZOMBIE CORN!!!! YES!!!!

    I really hope you are able to paint more of these Melody. I know that these beauties will not quench the undying thirst of the forum! HOORAY FOR CANDY CORNS!

  5. I just missed these earlier and was so sad I didn’t get one as I spent hours looking at all of them the day before. Is there any chance of doing a wait list for those of us that have never had the chance to buy one to put our name down and reserve one in the next batch? I saw some people posting they had got ones before and then again and I have never been lucky enough to get anything off here except for a couple of the paint your own dragons. Also when would the next batch be coming out?

  6. I love the unicorns! But I really want a blue dragon!

  7. What I love here is these rainbow tigers and zebras. It was so colorful. I want to have a collection for these stuff. Hope to have lots of these.

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